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Dance Cvs Faq Thread

CVS Information/FAQ

ECBs and CRTs
ECBs -- Extra Care Bucks- earned by completing their promotions.
CRTs -- Cash Register Tape- coupons that print at the bottom of your receipt.
WYB -- When You Buy

Does CVS take coupons?
Yes. They accept manufacturer's coupons including printables and CVS coupons.

Is there a limit to how many internet printables they will accept?

No. They do have the right to refuse the coupons if they question their validity.

Does CVS price match other store's sales?


Can I use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on a B1G1 free promo?

The official answer from corporate is yes, but YMMV according to your store manager.

Is there a limit to how many coupons I can use in one transaction?

According to corporate, you can use one CVS coupon and one Manufacturer coupon per item.

Do I get overage on my coupons?

No overage-- you should be able to get the items free though.

Can I use coupons on clearance items?

Yes. If they give you a hard time, call corporate.

The reason they have problems sometimes is that they take a product off inventory , mark out the barcode and then it won't scan.
When this happens the coupon won't have anything to match up to. Usually the cashier can still just manually enter the coupon.

What do you mean by "fillers"?

Fillers are items that you can use to "fill" the amount you need to buy when you have a CVS coupon good for things like $2 off a $10 purchase.
You may have bought items that total $9.75, and need 25¢ to be able to use the coupon.

What happens if I need to return something that I used coupons to purchase?

YMMV.If you used manufacturers coupons, you should get the full amount of purchase back.
IF you used ECBs and coupons, they will only refund what you paid. In this case, it would be better to return with no receipt.
They will probably not refund cash, but a money card.
Again, don't try to return $100s worth of stuff and expect a refund...common sense!

CVS Brand Guarantee

All CVS brand products and all cosmetics have a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Where can I find $3/15, $4/20, $5/20 coupons?

These coupons are often mailed, found on weekly ads, emailed from CVS,
found in-store (booklets, store-opening promotion coupons etc.),or printed on your CRT.

Can I use more than one $/$$ coupon on my order?

YMMV. Most stores won't allow it. There are still some that will.
If you have a $2/$10 and $5/$20, you would have to spend $30 to be able to use both.

When do the CRT coupons and ECBs expire?

The CRT coupons on your receipt expire 2 weeks from printing.
The ECBs expire 4 weeks from the time that they are printed, either online or in the store.

How do I get the ECBs to print?

The coupons print at the bottom of your receipt when you make a purchase.

If your CVS has a price-check scanner, you can print your ECBs by scanning your card at the scanner.

You can print them at home.

Can I print the CRT coupons from my home computer?


Log on to your CVS account.
Choose an ECB that has not been printed before.
Print it.
After you've printed the ECB, hit the back button on your browser until you get back to the Coupons and Balances page.
All of your CRT coupons that have not yet printed should show up. You can print one or all.

**You must have an ECB to print or you cannot access your CRT coupons.

Why are my ECBs still showing on my account online? I've already printed and used them?

Your ECBs have an expiration date on them and that is when they disappear off your account. A month for ECBs and 2 weeks for CRTs.

I see that the ECBs I've already printed are still on my account. Can I print and use them again?

NO. Once you've used your ECBs instore or online, that's it.

What can you use ECBs on?

You can use them on almost anything in the store. Prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, gift cards are excluded.

Can I have more than one card?

No, you cannot have more than one card to your name with the same address. However, you can have a card for everyone in your household.

For those with more than one card, what info do you put down to register them?

If you use/have multiple Extracare Cards, you do not have to register all of them. You will not recieve email offers, but you can still access the card online by just putting in the EC card number and leaving the other fields blank (your info will appear as "null, null, null"). ExtraCare bucks will still accrue & you will still get coupons printed out from the register too.

Can I buy something for $4 and use a $5 ECB?

You can, but you would lose money. You have to use the full amount of the ECB because you will not get money back.

How can I see what ECBs I have earned?

Go to
Click on Check Coupons and Balances.
Enter your card number, zip code and your complete last name.

If my ECBs expire, can I get them back?

Call the CVS 800 number. If your ECBs expire without being used, they can reset them for you.

The weekly CRT coupons cannot be reset.

When CVS has their "Buy $xx worth of ___, get $xx ECB" promo, is the amount required to qualify before or after coupons?

The qualifying amount is before coupons. You can use CVS and Manufacturers coupons, and ECBs to lower your total.

When CVS has their "Buy x of ___, and earn $xx ECB" promo, and the items are on sale B1G1 Free, do both of them count toward the promo?

If the ECB deal is buy a specific amount of $$ in order to obtain the ECB, then only the one you pay for counts. The free one will NOT count.

If the ECB deal is buy a specific number of ITEMS in order to obtain the ECB, then both items will count.

Do I have to buy all promo items in one transaction or can I buy in separate transactions?

You can buy in separate transactions. Check your ad to see if it states otherwise. More promos are requiring purchases in one transaction.

If CVS has an ECB deal that is unlimited or has a limit of more than one and I buy them all in the same day, how many ECBs will I get?

All of the ECBs earned on a given day for each unlimited promo will be combined into one larger ECB.

For example, if the Enviga was unlimited at the price of 1.49 and you bought 12, you would get a single ECB for the amount of 17.88.
If you bought 6 today and 2 tomorrow, you would get ECBs for 8.94 and 2.98 respectively.

My CVS did not have a promo item in stock to make my purchase required to earn ECBs.
I got a raincheck for the sale price of the item during that promo. Will I still get my ECBs even after the promo week is over?

Here is the answer from e-mailing CVS:

If you did receive a rain check for an Extra Buck promotion, you can still earn Extra Bucks after the promotion is over.
After you make the purchases qualified in the promotion, you may call or email us with your receipt information, name,
and Extra Care card number, and we will be more than happy to add the purchase to the promotion.

The receipt information that we will need is:


What do you mean by "rolling" ECBs?

This is the term for using ECBs earned on a previous promo to pay for another promo that earns ECBs.

For example:
Buy 9 Irish Spring soap packs and get $15 ECBs. Take those $15 ECBs and use them to buy other items that will also generate ECBs.

CVS sent me an email with a coupon to get TRIPLE the ECBs when you purchase either in-store or online. How does this work?

It's not triple the ECB for every promotion. It is triple the credit for what you spend toward your quarterly ECB (which is 2%).

So if you spent $50 in the quarter, you would get $3.00 in ECBs rather than $1.00.

CVS gives 2% back in ECB on your purchases.

This is the amount that you actually paid after coupons. At the bottom of your receipt, you can find what amount you have spent.

If you paid using ECBs or gift cards, that money 'spent' does not count.

For example, if you spent:
00-24.99 dollars ............................. you get $0.00 in ECBs.
25-49.99 dollars ............................. you get $0.50 in ECBs.
50-74.99 dollars ............................. you get $1.00 in ECBs.
75-99.99 dollars ............................. you get $1.50 in ECBs.

** If you got a gift card for a new/transferred prescription, they deduct the value of the card from your points for the quarter.

The quarterly ECB print out on the first day of the month following the end of the quarter.

Example: The ECB for the quarter ending 3/16/06 begin to print on 4/1/06.

When do the quarters run?

January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

What is the phone number for CVS?


Coupon inserts found in most Sunday newspapers:

SS = SmartSource
VAL = Valassis
P&G = Procter & Gamble

CVS Coupons:
You can use (1) mfr. cpn. and (1) CVS cpn. per item.

i.e: 5 mfr. cpn AND 5 CVS cpn can be used at the same time in a 5 item transaction.
Warning: CVS cpns = CRT cpns, $/$$ cpns and ECBs.

EBs/ECBs = Extra Bucks earned using your Extracare Card, these print at the end of your receipt immediately following the qualifying purchase
CRT cpns. = Cash Register Tape Coupons that print on the bottom of receipts (not to be confused with EBs)

Coupons found in other places:

Mailer = received through US Mail
Printable = print from your computer
Peelie = stuck to product packaging
Tearpad = pads of coupons found in stores
Blinkies = from SmartSource brand coupon dispensers (red with blinking lights) found in some stores (mainly grocery stores)
Pamphlet = often found in stores, but unlike tearpads these usually contain lots of product information

EDITED TO AD~! CVS ECB's earned on one card are specific to that card. You cannot use ECB's on another card. This question is asked like 5 times a day. PLEASE read this thread first! Thank you!!!!!

Can coupons pay for tax?
Store coupons (ECBs, CRTs, $/$$, and any others) remove the amount of tax associated with them but they will not pay your tax. If your subtotal is less than the value of your ECB it will beep. If you have a $20 order, only $10 of it is taxable, and you use $10 in ECBs you would pay no tax.
Manufacturer coupons can be used to pay tax. They can make your subtotal negative, effectively reducing your tax. Be sure that your overall total does not go negative. This is YMMV because some cashiers may require you to have a positive subtotal.
If you want to use manufacturer coupons to pay your tax you need to use them last.

How do you guys pay such low OOP (out of pocket)?
Many CVSers commonly have OOPs of less than a $1. This is accomplished by understanding the tax issue and careful use of coupons. Here's one way to plan it out:
1. Add the cost of all items (pre-tax)
2. Subtract the value of all CVS coupons you intend to use
3. Add tax to your new total. This can be complicated if different items have different tax rates, be sure to factor this in. (For me this is: (total minus cost of non-taxable items) multiplied by the tax rate plus the total).
4. Subtract your manufacturer coupons.

I do this with Excel so I can change the number of ECBs I plan to use while leaving everything else the same until I come up with the lowest possible OOP. Of course these plans typically don't work out exactly but they do help a lot.
Low OOP may draw attention to you, sometimes that is positive and sometimes it's negative.

The first post says I can't use ECBs on prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, and gift cards; is this true?
Sometimes. As far as I know they can't be used for prescriptions. They can sometimes but used on alcohol and tobacco. It depends on your cashier.
For information on buying GCs, see this post: Guide to buying GCs with ECBs and Manufacturer coupons
It is also possible to use ECBs to buy stamps and milk. These are also YMMV. I was told that milk does not count as an item toward the number of coupons you can use. This seemed to be true for that order but I do not know that it's true.

The first post says if I call CS I can get my expired ECBs reset, is that still true?
No. Most CSRs will no longer reset your ECBs. This change occurred when ECBs began printing instantly. You may still get lucky and find a CSR who will reset one. Some stores in your area may take ECBs that have expired, you should ask around to see if they will. Expired ECBs and CRTs will beep so they need to be forced through so it is unlikely that you could slip them past a cashier without them realizing that they are expired (although that is not impossible).
You can also no longer access your regular ECBs online or print them at home

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