Coupon Binder Basics

Posted 05-11-2011 at 02:42 PM by nomadicpixie
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I am frequently asked about Coupon Binders and how to make one. Here’s my breakdown:

Coupon Binder Basics

A very popular and common way to organize and carry coupons is to create a coupon binder. You can easily organize your coupons, see them all easily, and conveniently carry them with you. Many people prefer this method but it may not work for you. Make sure you are flexible, experiment with your binder, and find what works best for you. One system may work for one
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Shopping with me

Posted 06-06-2009 at 06:35 AM by barryswife

Ok, I'm not sure how to add to a blog. So, I guess I'm making another 1!

Here's what you need for this:1.sales papers
3.pen (for deals with a dark background highlighter won't show up on.)
4.1 subject notebook
5.envelopes/ baggies
7.coupons and binder if you use 1

When I search my sales papers and find deals, I circle or highlight them (highlighting usually makes it easier to spot the deal.) I write...
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My organization tips for coupons

Posted 05-18-2009 at 07:02 AM by barryswife

I thought I'd write up a step-by-step b/c I do better using lists.
1. Make sure you have plenty of time (at least an hour at 1st.)
2.Get ready to get organized. Sounds simple, but it's discouraging to sit down with good intentions and not have something you need. Have EVERYTHING you need, down to a drink and the phone, ready before you start.

You will need:
1.Binder. I use a 3" zip up binder with a shounder strap (It's a case it from Amazon.com: Online...
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