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I'm just burnt

Posted 08-19-2011 at 05:15 PM by sscutscoupons

This isn't fun anymore. It used to be about the thrill of the chase.

Scoring the Qs through dumpster diving/trading/trains/buying them. Getting the train/trade envies in the mail. Going to the store. Competing with myself to try to see if I can beat my savings from the last trip.

Don't get me wrong. We aren't wealthy. And I am grateful that I got as much as I did for as cheap as I did. And that I could donate stuff to some families in need. I don't want to STOP all couponing but it's just become too much.

The effort it takes in organizing, searching, figuring out sales, going to the stores to find empty shelves or Cats that failed to print or cashiers that are overworked and underpaid that don't necessarily care about reading the fine print on a Q.

I've had it. I realized it got BAD when in planning my vacation i was wondering how I could get my inserts from that weekend. ***? This has seriously become a problem in my life. When I go to work I carry in a huge Marshall's reusable bag that has my Qs in it, I check this website fanatically, and I write lists of places to go and Qs to use.

I love the idea of couponing and saving money, I really do. And I don't mind the work and the effort it takes- i don't expect it to be a breeze. But, I can't let it become a tornado either.
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