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A little frustrated

Posted 06-22-2011 at 11:33 AM by sscutscoupons

I love my husband. Chris is an awesome man, a great father, and an all around great guy. He's just not super expressive. That's my one complaint summed up. Every little thing that irks me can fall under that umbrella. It seems like no matter what happens it gets a "nice, good, ok, I'm sorry, thanks" He never "gushes" Oh wow that's awesome, good job, way to go, OMG I am so sorry for having done that, etc.

What does this have to do with couponing?

I took in the mail today and i got a P&G coupon booklet I've been waiting for. Yay! Very lucrative coupons on items we use and currently need. He said, oh, ok.

As blogged previously, I got the 3 bottles of hot sauce for like 29 cents each. He said oh, good.

I tell him we hit the 40 cents per gallon savings and he said, ok. (we saved $5.00 on gas today)

I return the empty deposit bottles from our own recycling bin... $3.00/wk... and he shakes his head, and says ok.

I understand that I have been cooped up at home bc of the surgery and that our conversations have stalled a lot, but c'mon man... its the savings like this that are allowing us to go on a cruise this August, go out more often, etc.

I know men typically don't gush and squeal like little girls but a little emotion would be a wonderful addition to our marriage.
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