Wal-mart Trip: 2/21/09

Posted 02-23-2009 at 08:33 PM by mystik00769

(I wish I knew how to back date posts. Just adding this for my reference)

Purina Cat Chow: $4.18
- Used $4.00 IP
Paid: $0.18

2 x Scrubbing Bubbles 19.2 oz. Cleaner: $2.32 Each
- Used $3.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles IP
Paid: $0.82 each, $1.64 for both

2 x Glade Air Freshener: $0.86 Each
- Used $1.00/2 MQ
Paid: $0.36 each, $0.72 for both

Kotex Liners: $1.00
- Used $1.00/1 MQ
Paid: $0.00...
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2/23/09 - Apron for little Jimmy's birthday - $2

Posted 02-23-2009 at 06:59 PM by jbarber8 (Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)

I sewed Jimmy's kitchen apron today. It looks like this:

Since I already had the pattern and thread, the cost was $4.44 for one yard of Thomas fabric at WalMart, and that made 2 aprons and a napkin. It took about 2 hours to make 2 aprons (and a napkin) today.

Do you think anyone would buy a new child's apron at a garage sale? What is an appropriate price? Do you think $4 - $5 would be too much to ask?...
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Wal-mart Trip: 2/23/09

Posted 02-23-2009 at 04:49 PM by mystik00769

Guerro Corn Tortillas: $1.42
- $1.00 IP Coupon
Paid: $0.42

Kotex Lightdays Liners: $1.00
- $1.00 MQ
Paid: $0.00

Glade Carpet Fresh: $1.97
- 1.00 MQ
Paid: $0.97

Yoplait YoPlus: $2.23
- $1.50 IP
Paid: $0.73

2 x Friskies Can: $0.76 each, $1.52 total
- BOGO Coupon
Paid: $0.38 each, $0.76 total

2 x Dole Canned Pineapple: $0.76 each, $1.52 total
- $0.75...
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Posted 02-23-2009 at 12:57 PM by salyertt

Well, too many days have past in between entries.
I have been running here and there. I am just waiting on the sunshine.
I have had too much winter.. Could not live in Alaska... no way for me!
I am still looking for a bassett pup for my younges ds which is not really young- 18
she is almost out of high school - a senior this year.
My money pit house is for sale and we have another place waiting on us to move into.. just can't sell the money pit.. I am getting really...
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Posted 02-23-2009 at 06:18 AM by ladi

thank jonoma I live 8 mile and fenmore( next to southfield freeway) I know nothing about coupons (1 month)and a little about getting around on the computer. be patience please. also what are tags
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