My Lucky Day

Posted 03-27-2009 at 07:19 PM by Couponclipper003
Updated 03-28-2009 at 09:59 PM by Couponclipper003

OK..so I finally figured out how to 'Blog' on AFC.... .

Today was my lucky day......why?

*It was Friday

*Jean Day @ work

*I found a penny @ the gas station and put it in my pocket

*I made my post on AFC

*I received my own AFC e-mail address: [email protected]

*My new coupon binder arrived in the mail today (thank you mom2threelovescvs!!)...
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Posted 03-27-2009 at 01:23 PM by couproni

For anyone who loves to shop at Target and save money like myself. Attention target shoppers. com offers great target coupons along with great tips from sales to how to get free products. check it yourself and you will be amazed like I was at what a great site this.
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Posted 03-27-2009 at 08:24 AM by eallred56

I'm new to blogging and to this website. What is the coupon box and how does it work. Need help
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Posted 03-27-2009 at 06:59 AM by Aradia_Silvermoon (Ramblings, Drabbles and Other Such Nonsense.)

Last week I found some Chocolate/Peanut Butter Chex Mix on clearance at my local ST for $2 and used the $0.50/1 q that I had. Never had it before and it was so yummy. So I called the number on the bag and told them how much I loved it and they are sending my coupons for more! Wow I had no idea companies did this! I may have to do this again.
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New to This

Posted 03-26-2009 at 08:44 PM by Barterbabe

Hello and thank you for reading this post. I am glad to be here, and hope to learn everything there is to know about coupons. I just started using them about 6 months ago and the first grocery trip was fantastic. The second week wasn't that great and so I was frustrated and didn't work at it as much.

I have always wondered about getting coupons off of ebay so the article I read on here was very helpful. I hope to read more and learn more. If you have any tips please feel free to...
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