couponing question

Posted 07-01-2009 at 07:23 AM by jillianlaws

Hi everyone,

I'm new at this and I'm curious how to combine coupons. I know to try and get the best deals to look for the stuff already on sale and use the manufacturers coupons from the paper, but can I also combine another coupon, such as from this site? If I can, what kind of coupons am I looking for that can be combined with the manufacturers? I would really appreciate some help with this.

Thank you,
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AFC Is Great

Posted 07-01-2009 at 06:56 AM by arlene19

While I am still learning my way around I am really enjoying the forums and chats. Everyone is so friendly here!!! I am still trying to figure out a few things navigating around. I want to join or start a train in the near future. Thanks for listening.Arlene
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The Coupon Master

Posted 06-30-2009 at 07:37 PM by tre8jse

[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][COLOR="Magenta"][B][CENTER]Yesterday, I received my coupons from couponmaster.com. They were all manufacturers coupons, as promised. The only problem was that three of the coupons I had ordered were not in the mailer. I emailed the owner of the site about the problem. She was very prompt and helpful. They are going to mail out the coupons today. Because of her quick response to my problem, I will definitely be shopping with couponmaster again....
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6/30/09 - My AFC Savings Contest Entry

Posted 06-30-2009 at 05:44 PM by jbarber8 (Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)

I don't think I can possibly win since there is already an entry over $400 - I am in total awe of that person! Here is mine ...

Before AFC, I was afraid to print online coupons I did not want to give out my personal info online. I cut out coupons from my one paper religiously, and I saved 5-7% off my grocery bill.

With AFC, I print lots of coupons, and I trade with other AFC members to get more of the coupons I need. Thanks to AFC members for listing your trips...
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Cvs maybelline jackpot!!!

Posted 06-30-2009 at 05:42 PM by Atlcouponmama

For all my makeup Junkie's RUN TO CVS..

Maybelline has made me a happy woman today..I hit the Peelie Jackpot.

I went to CVS this morning and WOW..all of the Maybelline Cosmetics had the pretty pink $2. Off q's on every item!!!!

I ran and got a buggy and start swing everything into the cart that was clearance. I got eyeliner, nail polish, single/duo eyeshadow, lipstick and press power, liquid foundation. All of the stuff was 50%-75% OFF and it was great!...
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