When, Where & How Much

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Rite Aid- 1/30 - OOP .50 - Saved 5.06
Rite Aid- 1/30 - OOP .64 - Saved 50.03
Weis- 1/31 - OOP 23.88 - Saved 16.77
Martin's- 1/31 - OOP 22.15 - Saved 51.84
Harris Teeter- 1/31 - OOP 57.38 - Saved 100.84
Staples - 1/31 - OOP 83.46 - Saved 8.75 - Ink

January Total OOP 191.01 - Saved 233.29
Will receive 5% staples rewards
Will receive 17.75 Savingstar Reward
Received 5.00 Rite Aid GC

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Purchase 4 tena pads at 2.86ea
5 boxes of frozen vegtables at 1.00ea
2 bottles of diet pepsi at 1.00ea
3 boxes of great value stuffing at 1.00 ea
Use 4 5.00 coupons for tena pads (1/5 paper)
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Penny items at Michael's ~ thread #2

Posted 01-26-2014 at 02:44 PM by peters109

Originally Posted by Tradewinds View Post
what is this post about, please?

The storage containers
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Penny clearance items... lets talk. YMMV

Posted 01-21-2014 at 09:46 AM by mryna

Originally Posted by Mldronet View Post
Neither of them had prices on the tags.
UPC for the spoon rest is: 7328737078
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Starting Young: Teaching Teens to Save Money

Posted 01-18-2014 at 06:08 AM by bargain boy

Starting Young: Teaching Teens to Save Money

Parents mostly complain that teenagers do not listen to them. The opposite is true when it comes to advice regarding 'money matters'. Teens actually welcome their parentís input about their finances.

In the past few years, teenagers have earned billions of dollars with part-time and summer jobs.

Some have spent most of what they earned, while others saved most or even all of it for a big purchase,...
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