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Today's CVS Shopping Trip

Posted 08-01-2013 at 06:14 PM by Random Refunder

I am fairly new to CVS shopping, and ENTIRELY new to working the CVS extracare/bucks/coupons (and the fair/legal/acceptable combinations of those with mfg coupons) system, but fortunately for me, the one I shop at has this extremely WONDERFULLY understanding store manager that has taken me under his wing and is teaching me not only what I can and can't do, but how to get the most out of it all.

Ofcourse I told him all about aFullCup and how you guys are also showing me the ropes and he smiled and said "yep, we have some customers that has this all down to an art"!

So anyway, this is how I did today, what I learned and what I will try and do better next time:

(I was told there would be no problem with me making individual transactions at the register in order to use the Extrabucks for the next transaction, so that's what I did).

I gathered all of the items that I would be purchasing and headed to the register.

My first transaction:
Revlon Mascara: $5.99 (Reg $8.49)
Revlon Nail Polish: $5.49
TAX: $0.45
TOTAL: $5.93

I received the $4 ECB and used on the next transaction:

The next two transactions I wanted to do separately so that I would have two individual $2 ECBs, but individually would have wasted my $4 ECB from the Revlon purchase on $2.99, so I did them together:

Oral B Power Toothbrush: $5.99 (reg $9.29)
Oral B 2 pk Refills: $5.99 (reg $7.99)
MFR COUPON: -$3.00
MFR COUPON: -$3.00
Extrabucks: -$4.00 (from Revlon purchase)
subtotal: $1.98 + tax .16

I received a $4 ECB instead of two separate $2 ECBs, so again i had to strategically think how to use all of it!

Sunkist Orange 2 liter: $ .99 (reg $1.99)
All Mighty Pacs 24ct: $3.99 (reg $7.79)
ECB: -$3.93 (from Oral B purchase)

I received a $1 ECB from the All detergent purchase.

Stayfree Ultra Thins: $2.99 (reg $3.99)
COUPON: -$1.00
ECB: -$1.00 (from All detergent purchase)
subtotals: $.99 + tax: $.08

(and I received $1 ECB for the Stayfree purchase)

Grand Totals:
ALL items: $45.03
TAXES: $0.69
On Sale: -$13.60
CVS Red Machine Qs: -$4.30
MFR Qs: -$9.75
ECB: -$8.93 (not including $1 unused)

GRAND TOTAL: $9.14 (or $8.14 if you count the $1 ECB that spit out on the last transaction that I still have in my purse)

What I could have done better:
Used a second insert Q on the Revlon (I only had, so now I'm looking forward and trying to search for specific Qs on the future deals)

That would have brought it all down to $6.14, but still, $9.14 I thought was good for a first "planned" shopping trip!

Oh, and one more thing:
I wanted to get the 2 Skippy Peanut Butters and 2 Mayonnaise that would have been $11 to receive the $3 ECB because I have MFR Qs that would have taken another $4 off so it would have been $5 after Qs & ECB, but they were out of the Skippy peanut butter. The manager (maybe having sympathy on my ignorant butt) gave me a rain check on the Skippy price (2/$5) and also went ahead and gave me the $3 ECB that I would have received because they won't have the Skippy until after the offer has ended!

I will definitely be back for those things though, because the Skippy will only cost $3 for the two jars after MFR Qs I have!

I'm now a CVS Junkie. That's all!
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