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Wish List...ISO

Posted 06-24-2011 at 08:25 PM by newberjm01
Updated 06-02-2012 at 06:13 AM by newberjm01 (Updating)

I shop at Walmart, Wegmans, TOPS, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and save alot. IVDSO is in red and i do like stackable store coupons. I will take rebates for grocery and alcohol products. We DO NOT need any baby item coupons (except for wipes). I cannot take expired coupons but can take IP that are b/w or colored.

I will take TOPS Monopoly game cards, but the must be fully intacted with coupon and 4 game pieces. (These can count as 2 coupons)

I will also take Campbells Points for Education labels as well as BTFE for my kids schools. (each is counted as one).

And as always looking for FREE stuff! THANKS


Pasta any brand
Frozen veggies
canned veggies
Philly Cream cheese
tostinos pizza rolls
Banana (I know they are rare)
French fries
Fruit snacks (welchs, betty crocker, kelloggs)
Yoplait single yogurts
Cookie mixes
cake mixes
Shredded cheese (any brand)
Cherry fruit mix cups (any brand)
Tyson Chicken
Any meat
Lunch meat (deli or prepackaged)
Any type of miranades in packets
Hungry jack mashed potatoes
Pancake mix (any)
TGI Friday potato skins
Schwebels bread
Flatbread (any type)
Capri suns
canned soup
lettuce kits
seafood (fresh or frozen)
frozen pizza (any, no red baron or tonys)
hot pockets
cheese (deli only)
oscar meyer bologna
hawaiian punch juices
Frozen Stouffers Dinners or family size
Ice Cream (any brand)
Cheese Sticks (any brand)
Chips a hoy
Cuties clementines
Pretezels with cheese
Nesquick powder
Foldgers coffee (no instant plz)
Liptons rice
Rice o roni
Speghtetti o's
Chef Boyardee
Snacks (any brand, $ off 1 only please)
Candy (Mike & Ikes, Rolos, Hershey products, Milky way)
Ice Cream (novalties, any brand)
Toaster strudel ($ off 1 only plz)
Sausage (any brand)
Hot Dogs (any brand)
Thomas English Muffins
Bagels (Thompas, lenders)
Fresh Fruit
Country Crock Butter
Salhans deli meat (any flavor of turkey or ham)
Sara Lee deli meat (any flavor of turkey or ham)
Margrita Hard Salami deli meat
Butterball Turkey deli meat
Land O Lakes American Cheese
Mrs. T Peirogies (or other brands)
Pure Leaf Ice teas (single serving)
Lipton Iced tea (single serving)

Smart Ones Frozen entrees/desserts
Lean Cuisine frozen entrees
Garlic bread w or wlo cheese (any brand)
Speghetti Sauce (ragu any flavor)
BBQ sauce (any)
Ketsup (Heinz)
Sloppy joe mix (any)
Pork & Beans (any brand/size/quanity)
Herbs (any)
Spices (any)
Chip Dip (any brand)

Secret deodorant
Aussie shampoo & conditioner
Herbal essences Shampoo & cond
Aquafresh toothpast
Caress shower gel
Neutragena facial care products
Lotion (any brand)
Floss (any)
Scrunci hair ties
crest pro health toothpaste
Old Spice Deodorant
Suave for men 2 in 1 shampoo/cond
Loofas (any size)
Nail Polish (any brand)
Condoms (trojan prefered)
Make up Remover (any brand)
Playtex Tampons
Delsum Natural shampoo (for itchy dry scalp)
Body wash for kids

Toilet paper (angelsoft, scott)
Paper Towel (bounty, viva, tuff)
Arm and Hammer Liquid Detergent
Scrubbing bubbles
Energizer batteries (rechargeable preferred)
Scotch tape (any brand)
Ajax dish soap
Dawn Dish Soap
Plastic or glass containers (Tupperware kind of stuff)
Neutra air areasol
Magic erasers
Playtex Dish gloves
Scotch brite scubbing pads (for wand)
Bandaids (any)
Neosporian (any brand)
Swiffer duster refills

Any childrens medicines (allergy, pain/fever reliever etc..)- no infant meds..
Loreal shampoo
wipes any
**(No diapers/pullups/baby food)
Lego q's
Toys r us q's
Barbie q's
Hex Bugs q's
Skylander figures/accessories (Wii) q's

Hartz flea and tick medicine
crunch and clean dog bones
Dog food (any dry, dads prefered though)
Cat food (9lives dry, no wet)
Cat litter deodorizer
Dog Bones
Cat Liter (no clay, has to be clumpable)

VS free undies (no purchase nec.)
Wii Games - used is ok, Pm first please and TY
VS free lotion or perfume
BBW free q's, or % off q's
JCP $10/$10
Kohls Cash
TRU q's
Resturant q's - dennys, bob evans, p.hut, red lobster, TGIF, friendlys, mcd *kids meals, Taco bell, arbys, subway
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