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Fine Frugal Dining, Part 1

Posted 10-18-2011 at 10:06 AM by medic2midwife

Couponing has been an unreal train of awesomeness. From my very first trip to my very best trips, I've managed to accumulate a decent stock pile of food that can sustain my family for six months and a health and beauty stock pile that is pushing 2 years. I didn't get my start in couponing until late May, so by fall I'm feeling pretty good with where I am with the options I have to utilize.

But I was stuck in a dinner rut. It became easy for me to just grab something from my stock pile rather than think something up, buy the stuff at the store then come home and cook it. With 3 kids, a spouse in the military and a full time job I don't have a lot of extra time for much of anything and right now we're preparing to close on our first home in a few weeks. (Also made possible due to couponing!)

So I decided to cut costs. Completely! No more eating out, no buying lunch at work... (though this will truly test my will because bringing 3 squares a day to work each day gets a little old when you're eating cold left overs between 911 calls in your cramped ambulance) and I was determined to made savory wholesome dinners for as cheap as I could for my family. And if I couldn't complicate it further... I needed to do it in as little time as possible.

Queue my search for frugal recipes. What I found was Hillbilly Housewife and I've been impressed so far. This is my expiremental blog of my experimental recipes as I frugal my food budget through couponing and cheap gourmet.

Menu to come!
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