I am Amy. Wife to my pain in the rear hubby Mike. I have been married for 12 long years . We have 3 wonderful yet very spoiled children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Jacob is my oldest son he is 9, then there is Lynndsie my daughter who is 8, and my youngest son Dylan is 5. We have 2 dogs a chihuahua named Lil Monster and a black lab named Scooter. I hope you enjoy reading my blog my life can be crazy sometimes and great others!
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Steve and Barry's OOP $10.83!!!!

Posted 01-11-2009 at 09:26 PM by frugal-learner

When I woke up this morning I called the Steve and Barry's store closest to me to see if they were still open. The lady on the phone told me today was their last day open, glad I chose today to go! She also told me today it was what ever you could fit in their shopping bag was $10.00 a bag. I was ecstatic to hear that. So, my husband (who didn't think we should go), kids, and I all got dressed and went hoping they still had something left. When we got there they didn't have much but what they did have were in my kids sizes...yay. As we were digging through what they had the manager made an anouncement over the speakers saying all bags were then $5.00 each!! I ended up buying 2 bags off items. After I paid the cashier told me not to forget my 2 boxes of hangers they were giving away 1 box for every bag your bought!! Mike was happy after we left all he could say was "I can't believe we got all that."

6 - pair of jeans of Lynndsie
5- pair for Dylan
6 - pair for Jacob
6 - pair of shoes 2 for each kid
3 - shirts for Mike
5 - shirts for Jacob
3 - shirts for Lynndsie
6 - shirts for Dylan
1 - pair of pants for me
2 - shirts for me
1 - swim suit for Lynndsie
2 - belts for my boys
2 - mesh pink camo totes
2 - packs of baclets for Lynndsie
2 - boxes of hangers (they are the wooden ones and were about 120 in each box)

All that for 10.00 plus Tax

0.83 - TAX

10.83 - OOP
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    TigerGirl1226's Avatar
    Posted 01-11-2009 at 10:09 PM by TigerGirl1226 TigerGirl1226 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    wow!! your lucky enough to have one of them stores close by me on the other hand has NONE!!! GREAT FINDS FOR YOU!!!!!
    Posted 01-12-2009 at 07:26 AM by CHERYLOHIO CHERYLOHIO is offline
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    Drea's Avatar
    WOW...thats great..you got so much stuff.....
    Posted 01-12-2009 at 10:40 PM by Drea Drea is offline

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