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Soda Pop Machines Don't Take Fifty Cent Pieces

Posted 04-30-2012 at 05:03 PM by DebB831

At least the Pepsi 12oz can machine we have at our car wash doesn't. I started to think how many people carry .50 pieces on them. I know I don't have any in my purse, car or jacket pockets. Maybe more people do than I think.

Twice in one week the pop machine outside of our car wash has been jammed with a .50 piece. Two different people trying the same type of coin? Same person thinking, the first time must have been a fluke it didn't work? The same person who enjoys loosing fifty cents while at the same time jamming our machine so others cannot get soda from it when using coins? Who knows...

All I know is that fifty cent pieces do not work in a can machine and Pepsi does not have stickers to place on their machine stating this. My guess is Pepsi isn't expecting a lot of people to have them in their pockets either.
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