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I guess you just have to get use to waiting...

Posted 10-09-2012 at 08:26 AM by DebB831

From our break in back in January, I had given up hope of the police doing anything about it. They know who did it, but the video footage we had from our cameras did not have a "clear" picture of the license plate. So, now over nine months later we got a call saying that they are sending the video footage in to a company to have them enhance it to see if they can get a clearer view of the plate number.

Just seems so strange to me, a person who wants things done yesterday, that this type of stuff takes so long to get to. Maybe this is normal. If it is, I don't like normal.

It has been so dry around here since mid-July that I am surprised our washes are doing as good of business as they are. Maybe it will mean a more "snower" winter. I never use to want snow until we bought the washes. Now, one inch+ snow fall a week is just about right to get all the cars dirty enough to need to be washed.
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