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Over prepared? Not in this lifetime & Paying it forward.

Posted 05-17-2013 at 07:14 AM by Darkfire

I had an out of town hand-fasting to attend last weekend. It was the most laid back and relaxing wedding I have ever attended. I even got to go barefoot @squee. I was hoping the iron rich nutrients in the soil would seep into my skin and help stop the cramps. No such luck but still I always wanted to be married bare foot, that didn't happen but this was just as awesome.

It was the first time I was corseted since this rash appeared and I did ok. The only bleeding was from my arm and that was because I nicked it on the DH's truck before we left. The wound kept splitting open every time the liquid bandage wore off.

It took me over a week of hardcore preparing to be ready for this trip and several weeks of planning. Not only was it the longest trip away from my comfort zone I could not shower nor did I have access to any of my doctors. On top of that I would be wearing very heavy clothing for the actual ceremony. I could not shower because our hosts water is well water and very sulfuric. The sad part is it is also extremely iron rich which would be huge benefit but the sulfur would burn and aggravate all the open wounds so I had prepare to not shower for two days and attend a wedding...ug.

Before couponing and finding A full cup this trip would have cost me hundreds of dollars.

Now? It was all purchased ahead of time and many items were free such as the Nexxus dry Shampoo I got at Wags on clearance for $1 and I had a $1/1 any. The RR on this is $17.99 OUCH. This product is amazing and smells like cotton candy. It really made my hair amazing despite the rain and humidity my hair stood up to the entire weekend with minimal flaking, frizz and yuck. I also took a couple of Got 2 Be products I got really cheap and a bag full of lotions, potions, wipes and free samples I have amassed this year.

I brought a messenger bag with a pack of disposable coffee cups w/ lids, sugar, bag of Gevalia House Roast coffee, nuts, a tetra pack of coconut milk and two boxes of Splenda to give to my hosts since I'm allergic and they use it. I chose a medium/dark roast out of my stash to not shock the bejeebus out of anyone who wanted some coffee. Left to my own devices, the darker the roast the better.

So after the hand-fasting it was agreed we all go back to our hosts house and party. Some of us were pretty beat up from travelling and got little sleep. I put on pot after pot of coffee while my hosts went and got meat grilling stuff. She bought me two thin prime rib slices that were amazing and the look in eyes of the weary partiers when I handed them cups of coffee melted my heart. I felt a little excessive packing a coffee station complete with lidded insulated to-go cups but after their looks and sighs of relief/joy I was like...yah never in this lifetime. Never over prepared.

The wonderful people on this site helped me bounce ideas around and the happy couples gift cost me about $10 including wrapping. Most of it was free which blows me away. I mean the RR on this gift basket is staggering to me. Who knew a coupon site could help you plan huge wedding gift. I mean I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this place. And like most amazing finds in my life I have no idea how I got here.

I made a conscious decision to NOT hide behind my camera last weekend so I never got pictures of the wrapped gift but I have one of the gift basket assembled and one from my phone of the awesome park the couple was married in. I love my camera and like my daddy will see the world through the lens all day, everyday given the choice, but that makes one isolated and unsociable.

I have always looked for the best deals and learned at a young age to never pay retail. Like that messenger bag that held the coffee station. It was a licensed Nightmare before Christmas bag that was RR of $40. I got 2 for $19.99 and free shipping. It would have cost me $90 including shipping if I was impatient. I waited and got the sale of a lifetime on these and I love them! Combine that with an OCD level of counting and organizing numbers and the help of the awesome people here and I am a force to be reckoned with. I have turned less than $5000 into almost $20,000 in five months. Granted I do not work so I have more time then most but I am also disabled so I have a lot of time I am not functional. I do not use the term OCD lightly nor jokingly. Since couponing hard core I have a functional outlet for the nervous energy generated by my constant need to know and count and make lists. It has helped my mental state more than I could have ever imagined.

So to pay that forward and thank this site I became a supporting member today using Paypal money from a $14.75 deposit from Ibotta, which I would have never found had it not been for AFC.
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    Beautiful park. Awesome gift basket! Love reading the blog post!!
    Posted 07-23-2013 at 01:03 AM by KarenLR71 KarenLR71 is offline

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