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How to save money on hotels?

Posted 04-20-2017 at 10:35 AM by bjorerunnas1978

There are many tips out there about how to save money on hotels. These tips are varied in how applicable they might be to you. If you happen to be someone with a family who really enjoys family travel then you’ll want to look specifically for ways to save money on hotels when you’ve got the whole brood with you.

Here are five tips for saving money on hotels when you bring the kids along:Look for “kids stay free” deals. One of the best hotel deals that you’ll frequently see offered is that kids can stay free. Often this also means that they can eat for free as well. Pay attention to the details of the deal to make sure that you’ll be saving money.Stay in a place that has complimentary breakfast. Yes, you’ll all get breakfast for free, of course.

However, if you’re smart then you can also get the kids snacks and lunch out of the deal. Choose an economy hotel that has a full breakfast and take muffins, cereal, juice boxes and other extras to go. You’ll save money on meals out during the day while you’re trekking around.Choose hotels that have entertainment for kids. If there is a lot for your kids to do at the hotel then you won’t need to pay to take them out for entertainment as much.

Of course, you’ll still enjoy your trip but you can also just spend some time in the hotel’s pool or bowling alley and spend less money.Find a hotel that offers affordable daycare. There might be a few fancy things that you want to do with your spouse during your vacation. Sure, you could take the kids along to a nice restaurant, a Cirque du Soleil show or some other event but you’d be spending a lot of money for the extra bodies.

If your hotel has a childcare service that’s safe and affordable then you can enjoy an adults-only part of your trip for less.Stay at hotels that advertise being kid-friendly. The best thing about these hotels is that local businesses often network with them. You can get deals and discounts on kids’ activities in the area when you’re staying at one of these places. Ask about this when making reservations.
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