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If you havenít made your summer travel plans

Posted 04-20-2017 at 10:32 AM by bjorerunnas1978

If you havenít made your summer travel plans yet then you may be starting to worry that youíre not going to get to take the family anywhere this summer. Itís true that waiting until the last minute during the peak travel season can mean that your price for travel goes up.

However, itís still possible to find good travel deals even at the last minute.
Here are five tips to help you find last minute summer travel deals right now:Look for package deals instead of one-off deals. Itís often smart to get good separate deals for air fare, car rental, etc. However, thatís not the case at this point during the summer. Instead, you want to look at packages that offer these things all bundled for one low cost. Thatís because package deals are often negotiated a season or even a year in advance when prices might be lower whereas one-off deals are being set right now at higher prices.Use your social networks to get a good deal.

Start checking out Twitter and Facebook for good offers on deals for travel. You may be able to find the actual deals advertised on these sites. Or you may just be able to get great travel deal suggestions and info from your online friends.Look for a good deal on an unusual transportation option. Trains are always cheaper than planes and theyíre particularly inexpensive right now when planes are charging so many different fees just to fly on them. Cruises are also cheap this summer compared to flight and hotel deals.Consider booking your trip for the very end of the summer.

Most families have kids that are going back to school at the end of August. If your kids are on a different schedule or happen to be homeschooled then you can hold off and get really great deals in late August. Itís still summer everywhere but the whole trip will be a lot cheaper.Work with individual people and ask directly for deals.

Instead of staying at a chain hotel, go stay at a mom-and-pop place. Ask them directly if you can get a deal on your room. If youíre willing to barter or lend a hand then they might give you a deal. The personal touch can go a long way this summer!
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