View Full Version : Newly Clearanced Items @ My HT

03-12-2010, 11:11 PM
And lots of them!!!
Check your store. :)

My HT had Dentyne gum packs on clearance for .60 each. There's a SS q out there for $1/2, so it'd be .20 for two packs. Not completely free, but not too shabby either. :)

There's Loreal Preference hair dye on clearance for 3.40 and I had a $2/1 q from an insert in my q binder. So you could get that for 1.40...

There was also plenty of medicines. From Vicks Dayquil and/or Nyquil to Sudafed PM, there were some pretty good deals!

03-13-2010, 06:48 AM
Headsup on clearance items at HT...
If the clearance item has a special new barcode label over the old one coupons will have to be manually entered and may or may not be doubled, depending on the whims of your particular CSM on duty at the moment or store management.

If the clearance item just has a new price tag sticker not covering the original barcode it will probably process normally with coupon recognition and doubling.
Be sure to check your receipts on these clearance items. Some are a really good deal. Others ...not so much... if it causes me problems with overrides and attitudes.