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  1. Poll: What are the biggest mistakes?
  2. Fda Recall Hartz Mountain
  3. What are we stockpiling next
  4. Spitzer Scandal
  5. I'll be MIA...
  6. If you use Citibank...be careful
  7. I'm looking greener today!
  8. I have a STAR
  9. Help...ISO Irish dessert
  10. Let's Here it for GoBoSox!
  11. What A Great Way To Start Your Day!!!!
  12. Anyone have a recipe for crockpot scalloped potatoes
  13. My 3yr old is a coupon fairy!!
  14. P&G promotion on drinking water
  15. Sunday Paper- how many inserts today?
  16. I did math, Q savings
  17. Ok this is getting really old!!!
  18. Who turned on the light?? (parents will love this story)
  19. Help me Cook!
  20. So i went to my back doctor Thursday.....
  21. Just Wondering What Shell Thinks Of This Big Rush Of Sales?
  22. Some Of The Parade Mags This Week Has Pampers Q
  23. Toaster recall!! ( Hamilton beach & proctor silex)
  24. HELP! Shopping List
  25. cheap tulle or sheer material
  26. How long could YOU go?????
  27. How is it in your part of the Buckeye State?
  28. Dollar store Sunday paper ?
  29. Please excuse me...
  30. I am so proud of my mom! She started couponing!
  31. nevermind please delete
  32. Hoping for the Power of Prayer for my Mom
  33. Curious about auctions
  34. Look what 1 1/2 mths of AFCing gets you!!
  35. Do you sometimes get tired of saving?
  36. Anyone in NC going to Joyce Meyer?
  37. Prayers needed for a co-workers family
  38. Please pray for my friend.
  39. Heartbreaking Pet Story
  40. *Drum Roll Please* ... The Deer is BAAAACCCCCK
  41. Female vs. Male AFC Members Roll Call
  42. Kmchamplin- your hair is brown now!
  43. Anyone catch the Today show today?
  44. All of our snow melted and now a mini blizzard!
  45. Please pray that they catch this person.....
  46. postcard email virus
  47. Snowy day in Fort Worth Texas pics
  48. Where is Taylortown preview?
  49. Anybody from Vacaville or Fairfield CA?
  50. To all us girls : Letter to "Always" (Article in PC Magazine)
  51. I had to share my 4 yr old dd's bed time prayer
  52. Coupon Organizer
  53. Made a trade and don't have a username...FOUND HER!!!
  54. Did You Know?? I Bet Ya didnt know all this.......
  55. I just quit smoking today!!
  56. Missing feedback?? All PM's erased by someone/thing!!!! HELP!!!!
  57. Finally got my avatar up!!! check it out
  58. Mother caught on tape spraying 3 year old daughter with car wash pressure washer
  59. So sad. Student body president at Carolina murdered.
  60. I am so happy...
  61. Is it just me or are twins everywhere here?
  62. I am going to a Casting Crown's concert tonight!!!
  63. Can you use Olay body wash on a cat?
  64. Prayer please
  65. Avatar Hall of Fame!
  66. mortgage charge
  67. Please pray for aunt
  68. Yesterday a Star and today another green box!!
  69. Can you help out my son's school?
  70. What the heck? More snow!
  71. Easter Bunny Shops @ WG & CVS 4 FREE!!!
  72. AFC looks great!
  73. Recall: Aunt Jemima Pancake & Waffle Mix
  74. I hit 1000
  75. Sweet, wonderful prayer to share
  76. You know you're an AFC addict when....
  77. AFC Superlatives...
  78. Marshmallow Peeps.....Not Just For Easter!
  79. supporting member and a Star same week!!
  80. Free Craft Patterns and Projects
  81. Religious Easter Crafts for Kids
  82. Make a Clay Pot Jesus
  83. Make a Cardboard Tube Lamb
  84. 40 Tips for Better Life - 2008
  85. Links To Cross Stitch Sites........
  86. Tons of Arts and Crafts Freebies....Paper, Patterns and More
  87. Craft - Shamrock Pin
  88. Craft - Pony Bead Rainbow
  89. Fun Spring Printables
  90. Spring Crafts
  91. Update on my knee
  92. Did any1 do the Thanksgiving Pepsi/Turkey $10 rebate, and get it?
  93. Webkinz Charms
  94. FREE Mammagrams for women for clciking each day
  95. Daylight Savings Time 2008~Remember to set your clocks ahead this Saturday night!!
  96. I got a star!!!
  97. Weird....does this happen to anyone else?
  98. North Carolina~I need your help!!
  99. Happy Wednesday to all!!
  100. I Got A Star!!
  101. I'm so CONFUSED!!!!!!!
  102. Adnil, since you LOVE nature....
  103. what is your favorite JELLY BELLY?
  104. Gingerwho!!!
  105. I just saw my first STAR!!!!
  106. Any good deals on Kandoo
  107. Can the landlord do this? What are my rights??
  108. What are your TOP 3.........
  109. OMG! What happened to the mail being delivered no matter what?
  110. Dominic's new block set!
  111. Gotta love Ohio.....70 degrees yesterday and ICE trees today!
  112. I woke up and found a star
  113. Airborne lawsuit
  114. I have a star!
  115. 6 Inches of snow and still coming down..HELLO, this is the south!
  116. it's 4 am central what are you doing ? delivering pups
  117. Amidala081499 Needs Everyones Prayer!!!
  118. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ LoveBeingMomma
  119. G-Granny pic -REMOVED - up for limited time :)
  120. Did you hear on the news
  121. C'mon KMChamplin!! 3 more posts...
  122. Adnil Kmarie did you clean out our Walgreens
  123. Please Help
  124. Hello!!!!!!!
  125. cutest kid contest
  126. I reached my 1000 Post
  127. Bette Your mailbox is full.. please empty
  128. Im Back!!
  129. Click to Empower-support for domestic violence survivors
  130. My birthday was very special this year
  131. Sad news
  132. Pictures of our 1st grandbaby!!!!
  133. ? RX Q's for New RX's ?
  134. Protect you assets and identity
  135. Extra RP!!
  136. Anyone in the Triad of NC need a FREE dishwasher?
  137. Can't catch a break!
  138. momof2plustwins your box is full
  139. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~mylotis77
  140. What age group are you in?
  141. Hey everyone rember me.......
  142. 1st Grand baby is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Gortons Recall
  144. Best place on-line to buy diapers?
  145. Our Guinea Pig Just Died
  146. Well, it's been an exciting morning...
  147. Can you Freeze
  148. HEY!!! I just noticed someone.......
  149. Words of wisdom from a 12 year old girl...
  150. Done event please delete -Gallaria Mall at Sunset in Las Vegas
  151. A year ago today
  152. So what have you done this morning??.....
  153. What would you buy your best friend?
  154. Update....Prayers needed for a five yr old little girl.
  155. March 2 P&G brandSAVER and helping children with clean water.
  156. WOO HOO!!!!! Got a new job!!!!
  157. Asking for some Prayers SICK OF BEING SICK & TIRED
  158. I feel so disconnected
  159. Do I owe anyone feedback?
  160. pet peeves for stores
  161. Dogs trap mail carrier, flatten tires
  162. Ohio Kindergartner SUSPENDED from school.....
  163. I'm a new AUNT x2!!!!!
  164. Where is my SIL- JJ's wife
  165. What is a Muck Dog?
  166. Happy Leap Day! :)
  167. Hi there -- Nightshift!
  168. Looking for a Pampered Mommy Auction!
  169. Currently Active Users: 2138 (540 members and 1598 guests)
  170. :bawling: SOOO SAD, we need to get rid of our dog:-(
  171. OMG~DD just called, she cut over 18 inches off her hair!!
  172. LyndaSLP
  173. My dog is getting "fixed" tomorrow.....
  174. Richardson from MA?
  175. How did you move with your stockpile?
  176. What store is on your "I don't care if it's free, I'm not going there" list?
  177. OMG, I talk WAY too much! 1000 posts!!!
  178. Just dropping in
  179. Crib Recall - Munire
  180. Happy Birthday denriquez
  181. AFC has invaded my dreams!
  182. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ becka034
  183. Yay Me!!!!!!!!!
  184. Wah-hooo!
  185. T-bone steaks, yellow roses and friendship
  186. Since us mom's out here always give up something for ourselves...
  187. How am I supposed to hide 20 BIG boxes of cereal?
  188. FSC Clear your mailbox -- It is full -- Please
  189. Does Anyone Else On Afc...
  190. Free Crayola Fun Guide at Michaels March 9th
  191. Twinkle, twinkle little star........
  192. A great explanation of the 'Pledge of Allegiance' by Red Skeleton
  193. What are you having for dinner?
  194. Springtime is right outside on my backporch!
  195. What is for lunch today? 2/27/08
  196. Feels so good!
  197. Tea- what a great drink
  198. Chit Chat Helpful Hints!
  199. I just noticed I have over 1000 Posts...
  200. Chat Rooms Open
  201. Do I owe anyone trader ratings???
  202. Great solution for mats on long haired pets
  203. sorry i havent posted
  204. Which of your child's toys drive you crazy?
  205. Yea me! I got my first star.
  206. MJ Is Off To Puerto Rico ~ Go Ahead, Hate Me!
  207. Does anybody use cloth Diaper?
  208. Rain, GLORIOUS rain!
  209. Did anyone watch "Moment of Truth" last night?
  211. What to do with spender significant other.
  212. Definitely an online video to watch....
  213. You are WorthWhile !!!!
  214. Anyone here Crochet???
  215. Vitamins?? Do you take them?
  216. Register for over 1,500 free patterns from Lion Brand Yarn
  217. World's Best Kept Auto Secret
  218. Left over birthday party decorations? Anyone have them or know where to get a deal?
  219. September 1960 ~ (Worth the Read)
  220. ???when To Plant Seeds???
  221. My Adopted Son/Soldier Coming Home From Iraq!
  222. my 3,000 POST!!! And i got my 4th star!!
  223. march is frozen food month
  224. Todays Birthdays! Happy Birthday to:
  225. Oscar time!!
  226. finally, finally, finally...... (JRA, this one's for you!)
  227. Hey Jra!!!!
  228. As I sit here clipping watching Big Brother....
  229. How much $$$ in rebates are you waiting on?
  230. Do you feel like you're addicted to stocking up?
  231. Easter basket for a Newborn - Need ideas
  232. Have a say in the AFC Newsletter!
  233. met myself a friend
  234. Would you like lemon with your water?
  235. UGH! Can I have a "do-over"???? PLEASE?
  237. I can barely keep up with THIS weeks ads..
  238. Nursing Strike - Cross your fingers, please!
  239. wall stickers
  240. Hey Amidala! I found some earrings for you on Ebay!
  241. Any ideas for a weekend get away for DH & me?
  242. Anyone else need a break?
  243. Flu hits assisted living
  244. Can someone help me out..
  245. My baby daddy...
  246. My DD just asked me what DH means
  247. My crazy gassy dog...
  248. DD is too funny.
  249. OMG! I saw a Pinecone banner here at AFC!
  250. Do I owe you a trader rating?