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  1. Help with donation tax question
  2. I love the shamrocks!!!!
  3. What would you do....
  4. We got 4 leaf clovers now!
  5. Daylight Savings Time Change March 8
  6. Anyone from Cookville, TN
  7. What color twist ties are at your grocery store?
  8. Would you please tell me how Redbox works.....
  9. Help - need an easy thrifty project!
  10. Question about tax return?
  11. need help/suggestions with a baby gift
  12. Dr. Seuss' Birthday is today!!
  13. Good News about my liver....Bad News about my DH
  14. What I did for my birthday
  15. 2 NFL Players Among Boaters Missing Off Fla. Coast~So sad!!
  16. Coupon Binder as a baby shower gift??
  17. I want some twitter friends.
  18. Need help with a paper.. Medical professional tyoe of info.. PLEASE!
  19. Duke UNDERGRAD tab ~ $50K
  20. My husband and I can't agree on a boy name, and i'm due in 6 weeks!!!
  21. Paul Harvey~ "The Rest of the Story", Passed away today :(
  22. Another ICON has passed on!!!!
  23. Waiting for the snow!!
  24. Freezing rain, sleet, snow in NC - coming - watch
  25. ISO wool yarn scraps
  26. Ironing vs. Wrinkle release spray
  27. Mobile to Mobile with Alltel AND Verizon Starting now
  28. Expired vitamins? toss or take?
  29. LMAO~Action Figures Take Down Squirrel
  30. Is $24 for 18 issues of All You a good price
  31. Cheap way to start garden
  32. Would this be sedentary?
  33. Drug Plan for people w/o insurance
  34. Denver's Rocky Mountain News shuts doors
  35. Scam Busters: The Quiznos "Free Sub" Coupon
  36. Looking for a job in Montgomery County, PA?
  37. Now vs. "The Good Old Days"! What are your Friday nite plans?
  38. What do your kids collect?
  39. Idea for single's, couple's w/o kids, college students, elderly, etc.
  40. Need Vampire teeth for Twilight party
  41. Ooma... Does anyone here have it?
  42. Does anyone have a Temporal Thermometer?
  43. Bed Bugs Infestations/Epidemic in Chicago
  44. I have a feeling (Minnesota weather)
  45. Help starting a small veggie garden
  46. Seedlings inside...
  47. First flowers of the season! So excited!
  48. Do you ever find winetags?
  49. Needing a cup?
  50. Food Town, Foodarama and Fiesta in Houston TX
  51. Can you help me negotiate a lower rate on my hotel room???
  52. Fun Family Rewards through JCPenny - anyone do this?
  53. Coupons making a Comeback
  54. Online stores that let you stack coupon codes???
  55. SO got layed off!
  56. Looking for Blender???
  57. I put AFC on Amazon!
  58. Yesterday was a week and no liver results
  59. I need to sell my cards...
  60. Anyone in Pittsburgh PA **READ THIS**
  61. Cheap little personalized frame
  62. Problems with refilled printer cartridge?
  63. Hey, lbraendle~
  64. Fun things to do in Vegas or surrounding areas?
  65. The tooth fairy is a robber! cute story about my DD5
  66. Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns
  67. Stimulus $ going to schools in MD?
  68. ATTN Smokers
  69. My cousin was injured in Iraq today!
  70. Stump the Sussex Spaniel Named Best in Show
  71. How do you like the Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner??
  72. Giant Foods Issues Potato Product Recall
  73. For those that have replied
  74. Do you use Freecycle in your area?
  75. Warning: Topic about Abuse....not for young eyes.
  76. Unpaid car. Want to leave the country. What to do?
  77. P Twine from NC?
  78. Guess where I got to go this morning?(don't read if you have a weak stomach)
  79. Live feed Of Bourbon St. New Orleans, La.
  80. ticketstogo.com question............
  81. filing taxes question
  82. OHIO People! Would anyone be interested in a Discount Drug Mart Forum?
  83. Do you think people with blogs get noticed more?
  84. Laid Off? Get Ready To Pay Bank Fees On Your "Unemployment Debit Card"
  85. I'm teaching my niece well...
  86. Help! please! Need advice on how to start a garden with other "coupon friends"
  87. Ideas for a cheap cell phone
  88. Newbie blown another newbies mind
  89. I am locked in the basement.!
  90. Binghamton NY AFCers - Would you like to do a Meet & Greet?
  91. Did you send me an envie from Wisconsin?
  92. advise please! ds going to friends bday party
  93. Fusing Plastic Bags
  94. The Duggers~Parents of 18 wonder how octuplet mom will cope
  95. This Is Why You're Fat
  96. 20 Million Unemployed in China Due To "Collapse of U.S. Economy"
  97. I am very hungry... What would you make me?
  98. For Those Living in or near Oakdale, MN
  99. Anyone have seperation/divorce advice?
  100. THANK YOU dnabrewer3
  101. I need some credit advice
  102. Returns
  103. Just realized.....
  104. A good company to order Invitations from?
  105. My son was on the news last night!
  106. Thank you and update on son.
  107. Background Checking Service
  108. Anyone want to help me ?
  109. Look at my new binder!!! :)
  110. Cool blog- live on 1500 for one year
  111. Homeowners' rallying cry: Produce the note
  112. justfluffyme your mailbox is full!!
  113. Real Letters?
  114. Local Meet up in Bethpage, NY last night
  115. Evenflo® Recalls Children’s Activity Centers Due to Fall Hazard
  116. Rodriguez says cousin injected him with drugs
  117. Animal experts are baffled by chimp attack
  118. how stupid am I?
  119. Scrapbook Paper on Sale
  120. How much to put triplets in childcare?
  121. REcommend a good Vacuume, for someone with bad allergies
  122. Need Help ASAP. What to look for in an LCD TV
  123. Any thoughts on stimulus bill/COBRA?
  124. Peanut Butter/product impact on you & yours
  125. Shamrocks?
  126. Look there's a CVS!
  127. Any Member Looking For A Job????
  128. If money were no object...
  129. Remember~No mail today!
  130. Economic "trickle down" affecting health care
  131. Trading/Rebates Organization
  132. Feeling left out
  133. Here is a pic of the diaper cake that I have been working on..
  134. need a saying - fast
  135. Wife thinks I have many women on AFC...Happy Valentine's Day
  136. Got a massage today!
  137. Need ideas for Vday goodies for little ones.
  138. Anyone have just a cell and NO landline?
  139. Search For All Recalled Peanut Butter Products With This Widget
  140. Need Help W/ Appliance Deal!!
  141. Friday the 13th...
  142. "I'm BACK!"
  143. Need help with V-day cards...
  144. Easy DIY Valentine Gum Dispenser
  145. Strangulation Death of a Child Prompts Hill Sportswear To Recall Hooded Sweatshirts
  146. Disney Store Recalls Toy Tool Sets Due to Choking Hazard
  147. Continental plane crashes into house in Buffalo, NY~49 people killed
  148. My Turn to get to 1000 (AKA "It worked for Lynda1811")
  149. New Lead Law on children's clothing
  150. Don't Fall For The Job Hunting Credit Report Scam
  151. You know your kids are affected by coupons when you get this!
  152. What do you think about Dave Ramsey?
  153. Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman
  154. WOW, bunch of new members
  155. How to use photobucket?
  156. Fake tanning lotion or spray
  157. Court Rules Vaccine Not Cause of Autism
  158. Stamp prices go up on May 11. Are you stocking up on stamps before the increase?
  159. Your first kiss. How old were you & what happened? In honor of Valentine's Day!
  160. Article about couponing--it mentions AFC at the end
  161. Beautiful natural fingernails
  162. Ever tried Acai berries?
  163. Craigslist - cash only? Need advice.
  164. I need a handy person! Any idea's?
  165. Taxpayers may be footing the bill for the octuplets!
  166. Wind, Rain.....Let me get my generator ready!
  167. How do you celebrate Valentines Day?
  168. Mop vs Swiffer
  169. How much time spent couponing??
  170. A 10 year old's love story
  171. Scam check & letter Alert!! Everyone Please Read!!
  172. Under a flood warning and there is a creek in my basement!
  173. Excited- Really going to Japan this Time
  174. Twisters kill 8 people in Oklahoma, others injured
  175. A bat!!!
  176. If you live in Georgia, please read~~LAST CHANCE TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!
  177. Anyone looking forward to Baseball season
  178. Man Watches TV 72 Hours To Set Record
  179. Teen Bills School for $37K of Candy
  180. Help me reach 1000 post tonight
  181. Mixing whole milk with skim milk?
  182. What's in a name?
  183. Postage rate increase AGAIN!
  184. Tornado warnings/watches/actuals
  185. Stimulus Bill Passed - your reflections--OOPS! SENATE, then more....
  186. COMPASS Test?
  187. How many frees do you have???
  188. Amended Paypal User Agreement in Effect Tomorrow- They can now pull our credit
  189. "Everyday" items to stock up on??
  190. What are your beauty secrets?
  191. GM cuts 10,000 salaried jobs, trims employees' pay
  192. Austrailian wildfires- picture!
  193. Free Subscription Offer From Stonyfield Farm Will Cost You Money
  194. Michael Phelps suspended over Marijuana Use
  195. Box Tops for Education?
  196. Saying thanks and all that good stuff
  197. HELP!! I need ideas for a V-Day playgroup
  198. need ideas for 8yr old tea party
  199. Kashi Recall
  200. Does anyone know the statistics?
  201. what did you get for valentines day LAST year?
  202. HELP! Las Vegas for V-Day/Anniversary, any suggestions/tips?
  203. Affordable Car Options
  204. What would you MOST like to get for Valentines Day Poll
  205. mortgage questions
  206. 15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009..Rite Aid is on the list!
  207. How much do you pay for a haircut ?
  208. I turned in the application * NEW UPDATE*
  209. staviles - empty your PM's
  210. Last time you...
  211. need some ideas for an awesome birthday for my son but cheap ideas
  212. This is my confession...
  213. Am I too cheap or what??
  214. After 14 days, I FINALLY have power again! And I'm back!
  215. Ahhh it's my first day...
  216. Attention all member online right now! lol
  217. Warning ~ obama acceptance speech ~ trojan horse attachment
  218. My computer has crashed!!!!
  219. Windchimes????
  220. Michigan Crafters!!
  221. HELP, with a coughing toddler
  222. Red Plum is pulling out of Cleveland Newspaper!
  223. Pregnant and interviewing - need advice...
  224. Would you buy a truck for a new job today?
  225. $25 off $50 Spring Hill purchase!
  226. Help..Need V-Day ideas for class
  227. 'Found money' is frugal family's hobby
  228. Land of Nod Recalls Cottage Bunk Beds
  229. Intermatic Recalls Digital Timers Due to Shock Hazard
  230. Surely this is SPAM, too
  231. Do you dye your hair & when did you start poll
  232. Fired exec: 'Starbucks saved my life'
  233. M&M's Now Come In Custom Face Flavor
  234. Does anyone play an instrument?
  235. Just had my IEP meeting with school
  236. Assistance:I have envies but no AFC User-Names..
  237. Baby born with 12 fingers and 12 toes
  238. DBF tuns 30 on Monday
  239. What is everyone getting or doing for Valentine's Day??
  240. Real of faux plant?
  241. WWII vet frozen to death leaves estate to hospital
  242. Thief breaks into lavatory
  243. Watch out for this SPAM JUNK EMAIL
  244. Man hides live birds down his pants
  245. Serves me right !
  246. Look at THIS!! How CUTE!!
  247. Playland Recalls Arch Swing Sets
  248. Safety 1st SmartLight Stair Gates Recalled
  249. Auto Warranty Solicitations Plague Consumers
  250. For women only: anyone tried the Kymaro bodyshaper?