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  1. Refused to double coupons - worst experience ever!
  2. DH hit by an uninsured driver....GRRR...also a question
  3. problems getting flu shot
  4. Can u believe this???
  5. OMG you and your coupons are making my daughter late for her karate class!!! LOL
  6. why do kids age 10 wear make up to school?
  7. Walmart strikes again
  8. So frustrated
  9. lessons from last Xmas "deals"......
  10. walmart grumble grumble.....
  11. HORRIBLE treatment by Asst Mngr @ Qbury NY store
  12. I was kicked out of K Mart! Update 10/06
  13. my cashier obviously didn't take her midol this morning!
  14. Can't buy more than 3 bottles of CHILDRENS!!! Cough Syrup a day?!?!
  15. Twx magazine scam!!beware!!!!!!
  16. I am ready to lay the smack down!
  17. i am so mad
  18. Furious with hubby for eating out all the time
  19. Coupon Problems at Target
  20. Was told by Corp.
  21. Anyone ever caught posting about someone else?
  22. Fuming Had to Call Wags Corporate Today
  23. Target changing DCPI codes to avoid clearance??
  24. Virus has totally screwed up my computer...
  25. I want to be pregnant
  26. Terrible Wal-Mart Coupon Experience
  27. I don't usually gripe but........
  28. Annoying: friends who want to coupon, but only if there's no work involved
  29. my dell laptop keys aren't working
  30. It's just not my week!
  31. Why would someone do this?
  32. Grrrr...1 Stinkin coupon in my Smart source
  33. The Party's Over; no more $3./$10. Wags q's used B4 Q's :o(
  34. Credit Card Companies &()**%^(
  35. How dare you steal from me!!!!
  36. Is this even legal???
  37. Simply Asia Noodles $2.19 at one walgreens!!:-(
  38. Probably last Tulsa store visit
  39. Give me some ammunition to argue this one!
  40. I'm so mad at DH!
  41. Cashier Interpreting the Q However they Want!!!
  42. I think I've heard it all now . . .
  43. Target can't be consistent!
  44. UPDATE IN OP****NO job, no inserts, no clothes and DH is going to jail...
  45. I'm so sad...
  46. A pet peeve
  47. Crazy on the phone lady
  48. Not Taking the IP's anymore and Non Coupon Friendly Employee from Catoosa
  49. I have a hard time understanding people sometimes.
  50. Is this right?
  51. Why can't all Targets have the same policy???
  52. I got ripped off @ NW Expressway store!
  53. 2day my daughter broke------
  54. Pampers let me down
  55. Mycokerewards.com
  56. so frustrated with other couponers in my area...
  57. No more Sunday papers?!?!?
  58. Small complaint re:other deal shoppers
  59. HELP!! I'm losing my mind!!! re: GNATS
  60. (long) Upset with DH's son's Mother..Please Help!
  61. Got annoyed at BRU Trade in Event!
  62. Wishlists - I mean, c'mon!
  63. Naked Naturals MIR rejected because I used Ecb's
  64. CVS Employee Integrity
  65. Blue Cheese made me angry today!
  66. My son got beat up in school today!
  67. It's bad enough I have to spend my 10th anniversary with her...
  68. Beware of the purchase vs transaction issue at Target
  69. Health Insurance Premiums Going Up Over 27% !!!!
  70. My BIL is a *&^%$
  71. Recent Refund? I'm sorry but WTH?
  72. OMG!! DH put reg soap in the dishwasher????
  73. OOooogled at Ross's
  74. prices different from what's on the walmart price list
  75. Sick & Tired Of......
  76. Jon Gosselin
  77. SO UPSET DH birthday ignored again =(...
  78. I thought I was printing q's but........
  79. My new neighbors...............
  80. Gross thing found in Dreyer's ice cream =(
  81. Cat ruined my coupons...Anyone want a cat?
  82. I am soooo pissed at Wags
  83. Grrrrrr...
  84. Never again will I shop at Lowes (hardware)
  85. Rather amusing Walgreens manager story...
  86. that's it, I'm DONE with kmart!
  87. I Lost My Coupon Organizer
  88. didn't think it was asking too much
  89. Target Manager is a total....
  90. So tired of bad CS at Victoria's Secret
  91. michigan targets
  92. I am trying to save money on grocery bill, but still feel guilty.
  93. FYI for those following a halal or kosher or even vegetarian diet!
  94. getting "yelled" at...
  95. Finally got to see who the shelve clearers are at my store urrrrr!!!!!
  96. Store close-out sale and their manner of advertising
  97. People who think couponing is stupid - ???
  98. No Smart Source in any of my Papers 8-30-09
  99. SUPER high water bill!!!
  100. Just need to Unload about Wags for a minute
  101. I am 39 weeks pregnant, and no progress. feeling discouraged.
  102. I never get any!!!!!
  103. * Help Victoria's Secret...not a satisfied customer
  104. My 2nd problem with Monticello target in 2 days!!
  105. Target wouldn't let me get the Free Glade 2oz Soy Candle!!!
  106. Horrible Walmart Trip
  107. Sears Frustration
  108. I was limited... :(
  109. Coupon frauders at my Walgreen's!!
  110. Drama.........why do people thrive on it??
  111. I'm from Planet Q...your from Planet make believe
  112. Asst. Manager took my activity book smart rinse q
  113. The Target Coupon Cop got me!
  114. Nobody knows
  115. My talk with a Walmart Assistant Manager about coupons
  116. Debate, should I call corporate on my own company?
  117. Gah!!! Terrible service!
  118. Are there any nice/coupon friendly Targets in Illinois?
  119. I am going to cry
  120. What was DH thinking???? 433.00 Golf ticket!
  121. We all have been through this
  122. Refusing to take Aviva coupons?
  123. okay today is not a good day
  124. A man in my window *shudder*
  125. Going to kill my hubby, or maybe just yell alot?
  126. Target... why?!?!
  127. Beeps...Those Dreaded Beeps...
  128. Ugh!! Frustrating Publix Trip!
  129. Horrible Experience in Target
  130. why do I have to argue with everyone?
  131. Rant regarding Arby's visit
  132. warning,secure your wifi...
  133. Ok i just need to vent..............
  134. not really a gripe but..
  135. Guaranty bank closed down??
  136. Bounty coupon trouble
  137. Refused to write rain check for J&J travel
  138. Today's Rant!
  139. SaveALot issue with coupon
  140. Kept coupon on return item
  141. omg! I have had nothing but problems from target KINDA LONG
  142. how rude!
  143. My Kroger trip today was not fun. :(
  144. First time getting bad customer service at Harris Teeter (kinda long)
  145. I hate today
  146. DH is in big trouble!!
  147. I cant get overage anymore.:(
  148. Kmart Coupon PROBLEM...
  149. mean rude couponers
  150. Bumming... brain is really messing with my coupon "mojo"
  151. Annoyed and unhappy w/local grocery store
  152. No J&J travel kits MM for me
  153. A&P NOT accepting Printable Internet Coupons?
  154. I'm done with Kmart
  155. Not a happy kmart customer today!
  156. what would you have done?
  157. Hate kroger?
  158. MIL is making me crazy.....
  159. Why should i?!
  160. Complaining about complaining
  161. Where did the post about Michael Vick go????
  162. Last night shopping trip disaster
  163. In the future, I hope she'll be less quick to judge
  164. never mind roll backs...my walmart is jacking up their prices
  165. thats it, I am not shopping at Target!
  166. Target in brighton co service is awful!!!
  167. HAHA I showed them!!! lol
  168. my job search failure
  169. Had to educate cashier...I should just work there...
  170. Kmart VENT! They never take coupons without a fight
  171. I basically had to FORCE the pharmacist to give me the Readyfill booklet!
  172. Ok, now i'm mad!
  173. Good Grief!!! - Harris Teeter out of items
  174. so mad at an EVIL returner!
  175. Stupid Co-Worker
  176. McDonald's Angus burger q
  177. Debt collector/Medical Insurance Question/Rant
  178. Old Navy weekly ows me a $50/100!!
  179. DENIED Healthy Choice Printed Q's
  180. Walgreens Rant: Has this happened anywhere else?
  181. Family Rant
  182. What a waste
  183. UGH! Target doesn't *really* care!!
  184. Tenants and Mortgage!
  185. No! I can hardly walk! How can I shop all the deals!
  186. Help, my white shirts are now pink. How can I fix this?
  187. Can't I just have 10 freaking minutes?!?!
  188. Worst Cashier Ever
  189. "Friend" issue WWYD?
  190. we have all done something stupid..now here is my story..LOL
  191. happy birthday to me
  192. BRU Return Issue
  193. Help! I am sick of At&t!
  194. So Bummed!
  195. Seriously keep throwing rocks and your commander will find out! Long...
  196. MAD! No GM insert!
  197. Wal Mart disappoints me again
  198. Why do people not give credit were credit is due...or even just a little.
  199. Coupon thieves?
  200. Anybody given a hard time at cvs when buying Dove bar?
  201. The ol' "per purchase/per transaction" debate
  202. Attention all Mystery Shoppers out there!!!
  203. Someone snorted at me! I mean really, who DOES that?
  204. Is this give and take or what???
  205. I had a bad target experience
  206. I may never go back to target again.
  207. Cashier did not ring up coupons correctly- and overcharged me!
  208. Why is it...
  209. Ran out to the car for more Q's....
  210. Missing Qs
  211. banned from facebook hub
  212. Kelloggs Must Hate Me
  213. Are you a single/divorced middle-aged woman? (re: dating)
  214. Verizon
  215. Health care reform!!!
  216. My store manager confiscates my second 5/25 coupon & says only one per customer
  217. Please help with any ideas regarding high RX prices for someone with Parkinsons
  218. packages ripped open for the coupons - this really disturbed me!
  219. stupid paper
  220. Soliciting at parking lots....arggggggggghhhhh
  221. UGH! DH now tells me "oh btw ur wallet may have gotten lost!"
  222. No kelloggs insert in Idaho Statesman
  223. I could kick myself (upromise/swagbucks)
  224. How am I supposed to do my deals with a broken foot!?!
  225. Train Forum..... ALWAYS looking for RIDERS????
  226. Saying no more walmart prices going up
  227. What do you drink if not coke/pepsi prods?
  228. I am seriously so tired of Target and their NON hospitality!
  229. Gross! Don't return dirty items!!
  230. WOW, this woman needs so serious help......and some good hair dye!
  231. Pity Party!
  232. HORRIBLE trip to Target today.
  233. A fee to talk to a representive ??
  234. Friends and Car Accidents Vent/Advice Needed
  235. "One per purchase"
  236. Was I Wrong?
  237. EWW Lipstick On DH Glass at Resturant!!!
  238. School tells us what BRAND of hand sanitizer to buy !
  239. freezer door left open
  240. Walmart WORST TRIP EVER
  241. Cashier said my q's were COPIES and I said "PROVE IT"
  242. I hate target!!
  243. How do you have time?!
  244. My car was stolen-Update Post #52
  245. Lost my Discover cardHAS BEEN FOUND!!!!
  246. pinata ruined!
  247. Ok, I don't want to offend anybody here :)
  248. Much needed advice...
  249. Just a vent
  250. What i saw this weekend :(