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  1. Are Crib Tents worth the buy?
  2. Happy Rosh Hashana
  3. Sobe Storage
  4. Does anyone charge for sewing projects? Need advice.
  5. Wonder what he was thinking
  6. Response from the company for Precise
  7. So What Toys Are Going To Be HOT This Year For Christmas?
  8. Anyone have a Dollywood pass?
  9. Am I completely crazy?
  10. Contest entry
  11. Campbells Labels for Education: How does it work?1
  12. Kid Clothing Exchange website thredUP?
  13. Dyson vacuums
  14. Pampers or Huggies?
  15. About Traditional Family Vacations.........
  16. Which should I join? BJs,Sams Club or Costco??
  17. Minut To Win It Party for 18 Yr Old
  18. ovulation kit??
  19. When to stop?
  20. Kraft Employee 2 killed, 1 hurt in plant shooting after suspended employee opens fire
  21. Hand soap dispensor/paper towel dispensor
  22. romance, workaholic husband, help....
  23. what is the cover of the 8/29 Smart Source insert look like?
  24. Silly things my 2 1/2 yr said
  25. WCCO doing another follow up
  26. Looking for Sit and Stand Stroller
  27. ? about canning apples
  28. What deals have you been watching/waiting for?
  29. Wow.... 4,000 posts!!!
  30. Calling all Philly Target Shoppers!
  31. Help!! I need some advice
  32. Has anyone received their Johnsonville Deli Bites Samples???
  33. What's the best major retailer to get great furniture for living room?
  34. update:Found out i have a tumer!!
  35. This was pretty interesting
  36. my week, ehhh
  37. Appliqués for shirts
  38. moving to S.D. Have ???
  39. Is she this powerful? I think not
  40. To trader who PMd me her addy wanting the Lowes card....
  41. People on highway asking for money
  42. Just Curious...Have you tried to print coupons
  43. $87.61 oop for 2 stores
  44. what is wrong with this kind of offer?
  45. Similac Formula Recall Due to bug contamination- Powder form
  46. papertowel deal needed
  47. Raley's ad
  48. Not sure where this should go but anyone from Mehoopany Pa or that area?
  49. What would be your reaction?
  50. 1st for me at CVS
  51. Wine Suggestions!
  52. My tattoo is on Iron Gate Tattooing facebook
  53. please vote for me
  54. My Facebook.
  55. Cardwoo....anyone?
  56. Edible Arrangements
  57. Going to Texas State Fair
  58. Diaper Bag for Purse
  59. Black friday!!
  60. shopping heaven yesterday :biggrin:
  61. It is hot in s. California~~~
  62. What's Your Favorite/Worst Halloween Candy?
  63. AFC's October Members Of The Month~ Vote Now!
  64. Can you reuse Flat Rate Priority Boxes?
  65. How big should a potluck be?
  66. ""All You"" prizes
  67. Hair Spray
  68. what will you or your kids be for halloween??
  69. Husband has Holes in Pants!
  70. packing lunches and current deals.
  71. Top five coupons!
  72. Any Good deals on Iron Man 2?
  73. General Mills Granola Thins
  74. So, as a couponer, what is on YOUR Christmas list?
  75. When it rains it pours. Update 9/30
  76. Ice Cream
  77. Proving to my friends and family the value of Couponing. Anyone want to help?
  78. My Daughter Gained Weight!
  79. Cashiers Dealing with Us
  80. Just got a surprise
  81. Question about dreams
  82. Someone is trying to change my passwords!
  83. Does anyone know....about food stamps...
  84. Took friends pix's off Facebook and made a collage
  85. I have a question about Toy r us gift return..
  86. Got the best deal on a Blu-ray player today
  87. Returns w/o reciepts for TRU
  88. How do you handle the sticky syrup bottle???
  89. Late Night Deal Run
  90. WooHoo Look what came in the mail today :)
  91. I got my Johnsonville Deli bite sample!!!!
  92. Your thoughts on Kindle and other ereaders
  93. What have you overcome and how???
  94. Silk Shampoo and Conditioner
  95. Has anyone tried the Jiffy cookie mix?
  96. In need of ideas for a children's party santa gift
  97. Our son got his first apartment.
  98. Need Serious advice- sorry, long!
  99. Don't Wait to Find Old Friends
  100. Gmail/Google Down???
  101. What is the best way to seal the windows
  102. My first born is 19 today
  103. Convection Microwave's
  104. Anyone Used Consignment Type Stores?
  105. Putting you best foot forward???
  106. Tennessee trip
  107. Thank you AFC Members!
  108. Who here at AFC would you love ot meet?
  109. HAHAHA You know you are parent of a young child when you....
  110. House Party....
  111. Stretch Mark Cream....
  112. Evolution Of A Couponer!
  113. Hypnosis-What's your experience with it?
  114. How bad have you got it?
  115. Price of newspaper went up
  116. Tag Reader
  117. Someone needs to school Yahoo Finance in coupon usage.
  118. Happy 10/10/10 To All
  119. Suggestions for a place to have Thanksgiving dinner in Myrtle Beach?
  120. Quit smoking need help!
  121. Do you save your change and what do you do with it?
  122. Craigslist Phone Call
  123. Embarrassing work stories
  124. Even if it's free, I'm not doin' that deal ....
  125. If you could choose only 1
  126. Anyone want to do the master cleanse w/ me?
  127. Need help with 11 year old Christmas ideas
  128. Which brand of toilet paper do you prefer?
  129. Not impressed with Glade
  130. Need Help with Overbearing Friend/Neighbor..Seriously..Please..
  131. Phone Cards International
  132. holiday crafting... looking for ideas
  133. Meal For Two 65 cents
  134. gotta love mystery shopping
  135. What's your favorite Fuze flavor?
  136. Please read regarding personal donation requests/offers
  137. Victim of Bullying
  138. CVS to pay $75 million civil fine
  139. Turkey Prices
  140. cvs has been fined
  141. HELP! i REALLY need a deal on plastic tote's for moving A.S.A.P
  142. What do you get your man for Sweetest Day?
  143. My baby is 3 today
  144. RIP June Cleaver - Barbara Billingsley dead at 94
  145. Wish me luck
  146. Who else is running out of their Finish??
  147. Starting all over again!!!
  148. Crackedwillow....your inbox is full! re: glade q's
  149. Frozen vegetables may contain glass fragments Published: 05:32 p.m., Friday, October
  150. Price Check: Evian Multipacks?!?
  151. anyone sell on amazon?
  152. Has anyone switched from Dish Network to Direct TV with good results??
  153. Please vote for my nephew
  154. ANOTHER Tylenol Recall
  155. Easy Halloween costume ideas ~ Adult and/or Kids
  156. The farm MUST come first
  157. RIP Howard Cunningham - Tom Bosley Dead At 83
  158. The news on cotton doesn't look good
  159. shelf life for dryer sheets?
  160. trying to get $$ for holloween costume..lol
  161. btfe value..
  162. How do you trade?
  163. Trick Or Treating
  164. Need help with icecream maker!
  165. Macy's phone order turned creepy!
  166. Operation Christmas Child boxes
  167. Guess what my Halloween Costume will be?
  168. Any idea where I can find those special candle holders?!
  169. Where can I find printable halloween labels for treat bags????
  170. How much do you spend now vs then
  171. I need honest opinions here about son's dad
  172. Ladies Fleece Pants....
  173. live lobster sold in vending machine
  174. Dentyne Advent Calendar - Super Cute!!
  175. Question for Teachers..........
  176. Please Vote for my Daughter! :) Gap Casting Call
  177. Need Halloween costume help/advice
  178. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  179. What do you think the hot toy(S) will be for xmas 2010?
  180. FHA Loans - Buying our first house - Need advice
  181. Need advice on how much to charge
  182. My Art Work from School :)
  183. Do you think the stores will take this no exp coupon from 1989? LOL
  184. Needing to purchase a washing machine
  185. Need hair care advice
  186. Water spots laundry help please
  187. new ip site by catalina marketing
  188. Don't forget to Vote for MOTM
  189. Raok - 8x8 hard cover photo book from shutterfly
  190. Target is still in the news
  191. :-)
  192. Facebook "Like" AFC
  193. I need some cheap suggestions to help my kids gather food
  194. thought this was funny
  195. Target "Shortchanging Customers"
  196. what time does your mail run?
  197. Help Need Costume Last Minute
  198. I got my request
  199. How would you feel about your DH having this convo on FB with an ex-gf
  200. Sewing clothes, cheaper?
  201. We have turkeys now.....
  202. newspapers. . .
  203. Looking for someone who just came back for a cruse to the Bahamas!
  204. Miss Ya'll!
  205. Elections
  206. What does everyone do with all the freebies?
  207. WCCO coupon follow 10pm 11/4/10 channel 4
  208. Question about kids and kissing.....
  209. Wanting an Ipad-any deals now or near future?
  210. Possibility of moving
  211. Christmas outfits, tutus ??
  212. Wrapping paper...
  213. Gettin back in the swing of things...
  214. Advice need on TAG vs Vtech v. reader
  215. Ndscardsale:Top Nintendo DS Lite, Best NDS Lite, NDSL, DS Lite Console and DSi Ninten
  216. Anyone see Channel 4 News Friday night - Chuck Scarborough?
  217. Any Bacon Lovers ??
  218. My $5.00 wreath!
  219. My son has Scoliosis :(
  220. i'm still new around here, but i have an anniversary to celebrate
  221. what kind of homemade items are you looking for?
  222. I got slammed in a newspaper article
  223. What pre-holiday task/chore are you most dreading???
  224. Veterans day
  225. Plz how do I get these people to mind their own bussines?
  226. Who is excited for Christmas?!?
  227. Thank You to all who have served! Happy Veteran's Day!
  228. Target says system is fixed
  229. HELP! Anyone have a close relative that was alive during the great depression?
  230. frustrated, how to sell your crafts??
  231. I would like to plant in my home
  232. Oh geez..... they should have listened in June
  233. Treasure Isle :)
  234. Since when is there a suggested $80 value on Angel Gifts??
  235. Most you have saved in a year???
  236. What do you girls think about Witch craft?
  237. Reusable Grocery Bag Alert
  238. Coats for cheap
  239. I think I am losing my mind...
  240. Free or 1$ oop
  241. Did you know...........
  242. Is this normal ?
  243. A special Thank You
  244. WOW!! Props to Victoria's Secret!
  245. baby wipe deals??
  246. Test results came back finally!!!!
  247. Seeking Letters From Santa Software
  248. i need help with christmas gifts... especially for the teenaged boys on the list
  249. How many are you cooking for on Thanksgiving?
  250. HP Deathly Hallows Part 1