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  1. I need cheering up...Why are most cashiers so mean to couponers?
  2. So aggravated
  3. Cashier knows ABUSER by NAME!
  4. I am so mad! Can someone tell me if it's worth writing corporate?
  5. Its a sad day!
  6. Grrr...
  7. Bad karma, people.....
  8. AFC Terribly SLOW?!!!!
  9. Where do I even start???
  10. So dissapointed
  11. How do you explain this to your son?
  12. How would you take this????
  13. AAARGH....^%&$@ Bricks!
  14. No Luck with TP!
  15. I am still learning...
  16. Why me???
  17. Would you react this way?!?!?
  18. Potting Soil Mystery ?!?
  19. Wow I did the dumbest thing today!!!!!
  20. Help-Mess in the oven
  21. With friends like that...
  22. Target Cashier Trainer was annoying today!
  23. It was SOOOOOO painful!!!!!
  24. MY space
  25. bad day shopping
  26. Negative Feedback?
  27. My 14 yr old son lost all my coupons....
  28. Need a shoulder to cry on.
  29. homeowner insurance ripoff....
  30. My turn to complain... I helped a friend with deals for three weeks and she....
  31. Downsized
  32. Ebates: Issue
  33. Home Improvements
  34. Why I hate craigslist!!!!!!
  35. So Sick of SNOW!!!
  36. my turn to complain too
  37. The Pamper Inquisition
  38. Ok, this is it, i have reached my breaking point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Maybe I'm dumb.....
  40. Hopping Mad...
  41. The flu!
  42. fake pay pal emails
  43. ANNOYED - Water Heater burst!!!!
  44. so cranky, annoying shopping day
  45. What a day(yesterday) VERY LONG!!
  46. GRRR!!! You CAN'T change the schedule!
  47. Eating eggshells..
  48. Please return my scissors!!!!
  49. It's Snowing In Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. Sometimes I wonder if some couponers/deal finders go to far..
  51. Oh No I Deleted Pics Accidentally!
  52. $50 oop at CVS!
  53. Walgreens gripe what do you think
  54. Just so I understand...
  55. I had a heartattack!!! I lost my coupon binder!!!
  56. Depressed-Just had to vent
  57. Why is insurance so annoying???
  58. My very first issue with Publix - I am irate!!!
  59. Ok, I am DONE with Walmart!!
  60. The Customer is always right...NOT TRUE!
  61. Ugh...one of those mornings
  62. Bagging 101
  63. Why doesn't anyone take Canon cartridges for recycling??
  64. Sad, sad day for me...
  65. Have you ever had one of those days?
  66. Oh crap I can't do 3!!!
  67. Crying for Childhood
  68. CVS manager
  69. Mother In Law.
  70. My Stupid Printer :(
  71. How do I deal with this?
  72. ANOTHER toy recall
  73. I'm becoming that mean lady in the house by the pond.
  74. Soooo annoyed!
  75. No one EVER believes me!!! I am so frustrated!!!
  76. I really need help and advice!
  77. Got stung by a bee today
  78. Update, got my refund! Help me figure out how to get this charge off my phone bill!
  79. Dawn Original Scent- NOT!
  80. I had a bad day again..
  81. Anyone used their Pure Romance card yet?
  82. How do I explain this?
  83. horrible doctors office visit
  84. LOWES ... aarrrghh
  85. Bad Kmart Experience - Horrible Customer Service
  86. I Guess It's MY Turn to Complain....
  87. darn-darn-darn
  88. what's up with the porn in my Private messages?
  89. My turn to complain
  90. School Answering Machine
  91. Just Venting About Me
  92. My neighbor is a horrible pet owner...
  93. Is it just me ???
  94. Everybody has "off-days," right especially when it comes to couponing/saving money...
  95. Coupons not valid in my state.
  96. The T-ball mom clique
  97. Just my luck!
  98. When will the media stop with the garbage?
  99. Help! Mr. Coffee died this morning
  100. Be warned LONG~about MIL & BIL
  101. Understanding Coupon wording
  102. Need P&G Address
  103. The inevitable has occured --Very Long
  104. Co-Worker dislikes couponers (like me)
  105. Nestle Good Start's Very Best Baby program sent me a .25 and .50 cent formula check!
  106. GRRRR!!!! Husband!!!!!!
  107. Why do people do these things?
  108. Mother's DAY? I need a freaking week!
  109. they had a layoff on my job this morning
  110. peace
  111. How long can you keep paying a closed account and not know it?
  112. Need Teen advice..WTH she must think I'm made of money
  113. It's Snowing!!!
  114. Kroger Security Guard...
  115. I'll get the coach to fix my son
  116. Problem with BIL?!
  117. Dell/best Buy Scam!!!
  118. My very own coupon clipping scissors....
  119. Why is it that everyone wants couponing advice, but, no one wants to listen?
  120. It's not as much fun when the cashier doesn't ring it right
  121. Gas Prices---Let's do something!
  122. Quiznos - grrrrr!
  123. How would you react? What would you do?
  124. Coupon Nazi strikes again
  125. Politics I don't play well, need opinions (long sorry!)....
  126. ARGH!!!! I just want to be done!
  127. How'd this happen?? Coffee for the whole office
  128. So upset with husband
  129. so I was Told
  130. I wish customer would get a clue
  131. Fellow Arkies.....we're gonna hit 4.50 next week
  132. this is one messed up situation..
  133. I don't have time to coupon
  134. Anyone else have problems with getting the coupon organizer on eBay???
  135. How to search for a past thread?
  136. Taking peelies
  137. OK NOW I am ticked!
  138. Charged tax on tax free items because I used coupons?????
  139. I think I am going to cry on June 1st....
  140. Horrified!
  141. OMG, I'm an idiot!!!
  142. AAAH, I hate This
  143. Help I need a maid!
  144. Coupon printer
  145. School Award Days
  146. Ugghh! Printer ink!
  147. Cutting Apron Strings
  148. OMG I'm afraid we're going to be furloughed AGAIN!
  149. i don't think this day will ever end....
  150. I am mad!!!
  151. She Bought How Many GM??? CVS Rant
  152. Ever get sick of FREE's?
  153. grrr telemarketers!
  154. OMG....this weather!!!
  155. Why can't I get the deals??
  156. Why can't my teen ager follow our rules~LONG
  157. I am sooo upset, nasty note from the neighbor- UPDATE
  158. UHGG! Friday the 13th...I was rear-ended!
  159. What should I do, if anything? My neighbor fed her internet date my cornish Hens!!
  160. Ughh, I just have to complain about my HT...
  161. No kids in the locker room at the Y....UGGHHH
  162. lunch with the in-laws, ugh!
  163. What would you do?
  164. I am a total dork! I need to get organized
  165. Argh ... Police Department
  166. He tried to hand me the baby in the shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Juicy Juice Container
  168. I HATE Luvs!
  169. She tried to school me in diaper dealing!
  170. What kind of diaper?
  171. What a wonderful start to the day: UPDATED
  172. I could SMACK this chick that just called...
  173. A gift or a loan!?!?!?!?
  174. Q Trouble at HEB
  175. Need some encouragement, I am ready to pack up this yard sale at 9:30
  176. Frustrated
  177. No SS inserts in my local paper
  178. Do you find people are wasteful with items because they know the price you paid?
  179. Should I call it quits??
  180. 30 expired q at cvs
  181. You Want me to pay for What ?
  182. Is Your Child A Soldier??
  183. Almost a fight at Walmart!
  184. I could spit bullets (RE my mom & MY freebies)
  185. Its Official--Hubby says I.m worse than kids
  186. Another Wal-Mart Story
  187. Can you believe this? Very disappointing free summer movie experience
  188. Delivery truck destroyed my plants
  189. It's not your imagination, just your dishwasher
  190. in laws - again!
  191. They expect me to use it by 7-8-08
  192. Lack of Sales!!
  193. Loan - has anyone had this happen to you?
  194. Would you purposely misuse a coupon?
  195. You don't have to whisper.
  196. I'm sick of being broke :(
  197. where are Exxon gas stations?
  198. My own Son tried to shame me over my stockpile!!!!!
  199. Frustrated With Cashiers!!!
  200. I HATE Bank of America!
  201. ticked about my shoes!!!
  202. Not coupon related...just feeling really sad.
  203. They closed a checkout and FOUR PEOPLE CHECKED ME OUT!
  204. What to do about bad hotel customer service?
  205. Urghhh! I am going to call it quits for a while...I think!
  206. I got my paper
  207. OMG I am out of ink
  208. these are tearpads!
  209. I'm so mad at Sonic
  210. so sick of phishing email!
  211. peeved
  212. So frustrated with DH
  213. Just gotta let this out..
  214. Sunday Paper where is it??
  215. Wrong number @ 1am...
  216. Worst birthday ever!!
  217. What NOT to say to a mom of twins
  218. Some people are so thoughtless ... BAH!
  219. crooked grocery store always scams
  220. cashier made me mad with the $2 cvs beauty coupon
  221. Upset with DH...grrrrrr
  222. Very upset with MIL!
  223. CVS Kicked me out of CVS..... well not literally but they said my coupons were fraud.
  224. I Quit Walmart
  225. What should I do? They refused the 1/1 Huggies bath and body coupon for wipes?
  226. I'm So Mad at DH I Could Spit Bullets!
  227. Ok why can't I find good q's at the store?
  228. Okay... need to rant for a second..... !@#$%^&*(
  229. Do unto others.....
  230. Doubles, triples, etc... etc...
  231. Stevi B's Pizza
  232. Still having issues with using THEIR coupons!!
  233. Tired of Target Problems
  234. Ciggy smoke
  235. Ever Changing policies!!
  236. Not so lucky at Target today
  237. computer hijackers
  238. Slim pickin's in my Sunday Paper
  239. why does money have to be so important?
  240. FREE Mtn Dew
  241. Greedy family members! Argh!
  242. Dear makers of plus size clothing.....
  243. CO worker thew away a LOT of coupons!
  244. Throwing away Good Coupons
  245. Walmart has issues
  246. How would you handle this?
  247. Rude people at Walmart
  248. my first VERY upsetting trip today. UPDATE IN POST #23
  249. Cheerios Challenge FREE Cereal, ha!
  250. Walmart did NOT match my Big Lots Add!