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  1. Walmart EPIC fail!
  2. New Christmas tradition?
  3. Lost all my points, so bummed...
  4. Worst CVS trip ever..
  5. Lady at work ask me to make and manage a coupon binder for her!
  6. After all the aggravation, I am wondering if I should keep my newspaper subscription.
  7. Crazy Couponers!
  8. Target Website SLOW?
  9. Trash service
  10. Smart Source Disabled
  11. Well I did it but not happy about it
  12. Cashier states, "Guess the system finally caught up to you"
  13. I am mad target trip
  14. Sad
  15. Dont waste your time at tj maxx!
  16. Macy's website is the worst...so frustrated
  17. Totaled Car
  18. Coupon fraud
  19. Beyond Frustrated!
  20. This is just annoying!
  21. Why do i keep torturing myself?!
  22. Husband threw out my coupons.
  23. Price Match at Wal-mart is a pain
  24. Insurance companies scanning your store card
  25. Seasonal workers and coupons @ Target
  26. The post office reports $5 billion loss
  27. So mad at my commissary
  28. Postal Service
  29. Is this acceptable?
  30. Target refused PM buncha BS lol!!!
  31. Bad Day
  32. I was un-intentionally burned on FB by a friend XD
  33. My target trip rant.
  34. Package Openers
  35. Coupon Fraud
  36. eBay Coupon Frustration!
  37. Mourning The Deal
  38. Waste of Coupons
  39. Best Buy Blues
  40. Theft of sunday papers?
  41. Awful Trip
  42. My car was broken into!
  43. I'm upset...
  44. So Frustrated!
  45. Stovetop not working
  46. I thought Walmart was great UNTIL NOW.
  47. I've NEVER (until today) been suspected of stealing!
  48. I'M RANTING- bigger than life- RA experience
  49. DONE! (don't even know what I'd do next...)
  50. Walmart false advertising????
  51. Walmart false advertising????
  52. Employer Seems Unfair......... Long Rant!!
  53. So upset :-(
  54. i am so heartbroken
  55. Embarrassed for my fellow couponers this morning...
  56. First ever Black Friday Shopping - very disappointed
  57. My Thanksgiving
  58. Lady peppersprayed people at BF sales, shootings, etc
  59. eBay buyers that don't pay!!
  60. Take the hit!
  61. HELP! Black Friday Problem @ CVS.
  62. Ow My Foot
  63. Driver's License
  64. There should be A coupon reading class
  65. Ever have a trip so bad that...
  66. Irritated!!!
  67. Frustrated with Taylor Swift Covergirl Codes!
  68. Are healthy foods more expensive?
  69. Reall angry at myself!!!
  70. Small Rant
  71. ugh!! missed a deal for big overage!!
  72. Extreme couponing ad on newspaper stands?
  73. So mad!!
  74. "per transaction"
  75. I hate my cvs!!!
  76. Save your Gift Cards OMG!!!!!
  77. target coupon policy changed??
  78. Spilled over all my folders with Q`s!!! Ughhhhhhhhhh
  79. Frustrated!
  80. What happened to te Amazon option?
  81. Soooo ANGRY!
  82. What Is Up With Target Lately?
  83. Character attacked by stranger!!! SO UPSET!!
  84. Cvs nightmare!!
  85. CIC Article About Extreme Couponing
  86. Counterfeit High Value Coupons Sold on E-bay
  87. Stockpiling, couponing and Friends
  88. stressing out!!!!!
  89. Why?
  90. Frustrated with CVS
  91. I love him, I wish he'd listen!!
  92. Ethnic Hair
  93. Odd posts
  94. >>maddddd!!!!<
  95. how to report a possible bad trader??
  96. Just Miffed!! GRRR!!!
  97. Still no burner!
  98. Work at home??
  99. Any encouraging words for this retiree :)
  100. U.S. Postal Service Faces Bankruptcy, Plans Cuts To Slow Delivery Of First Class Mail
  101. Ow, ow, ow!
  102. I was going to stock up on sugar today...
  103. Anyone else been told to shut up about coupons by their Significant other?
  104. How Lumene handles rebates when you use ECB
  105. Grr. I'm so annoyed.
  106. UGH! Also known as Bah Humbug!
  107. Oh geez!!!!!!
  108. Walmart needs a class action lawsuit, way overdue.
  109. Can't Hold it in Any Longer!
  110. Couponers and the National Defense Authorization Act
  111. Bad Walgreens trip!!
  112. Bad Walgreens trip!!
  113. Horrible Experience at Target Today!!
  114. Libby's Vegetables Aftertaste
  115. Ever wanted to smack a fellow couponer ?
  116. Huggies are ruining my girls' clothes!
  117. Cashier Refused My Target Qs Due To No "Bubbles"
  118. I almost fell face first into a dirty diaper!
  119. Denied!
  120. One heck of a week
  121. Wal-mart Parking Lots
  122. How do you make them understand 1 per purchase/transaction??
  123. can someone please clear this up? -- Kohl's issue..
  124. Coupons- I love them, and hate them
  125. Home Shopping Hosts
  126. Dear CVS
  127. Stupid stupid
  128. WHOA! Stores wiped out - no vitamins or Combos 4 me!
  129. Extremely upset.
  130. "I see they're still being vultures over the newspapers".....
  131. Damaged Mail rant
  132. Never satisfied with the weather in Florida
  133. No $7 Centrum Q in LA Times store edition
  134. Security was called today
  135. What am I doing wrong?
  136. i only want centrum vitamins!
  137. WHY so much judgement at a time when there should be peace & good will towards man?
  138. What do you do about family?
  139. Help me decide what to do! (long!)
  140. Okay. I need some advice about an issue with my mother.
  141. Advice for Getting New Furnace???
  142. Kmart stole my Subway card!
  143. my CVS changed their policies because of me!?
  144. I Guess Stores Post Signs for No Reason
  145. Working from home
  146. q clipping service!!
  147. I feel really bad about this....
  148. Missing Disney Movie Reward Points
  149. Does anyone know of a sale on ground chuck/beef
  150. First Gripe Post
  151. Aaaaaahhh! Lost Binder!
  152. Things were going too well....
  153. Birthday non-celebration
  154. Fired for using overage
  155. Bad haircut
  156. this isn't a gripe or groan,only a story of kindness
  157. MAD at Victoria Secret...
  158. Last weeks Pronutrients rant.......
  159. What's wrong with being NICE?
  160. Cashier scanned the wrong store card!!
  161. my pita MOM & her annoying games!!!!!!
  162. So Mad i cant find my binder...
  163. gaveaway my stockpile but got stolen
  164. Hearing for Unemployment
  165. UGH these past 2 months have been horrible!!
  166. The smell knocked me off my feet!
  167. There, Their, They're
  168. Ugh. Suddenly worried that friends/family will scoff at my drug-store gifts this year
  169. Should I be this mad? (long)
  170. No mail today !!!!
  171. Could have made $400 at Brookshires but didn't! :(
  172. Ugh! Walmart!
  173. Duraflame Logs
  174. What happened to "Thank you for the gift?"
  175. kmart post christmas
  176. Walmart was interesting today!
  177. My local newspaper... Grrrrrrr!
  178. Does anyone know Target email address for complaint or guest relations?
  179. uggg! diabetes monitoring
  180. Almost tricked into buying something....
  181. bad customer service... from corporate
  182. Sales tax on coupons rant ~ LONG ... sorry
  183. Most rediculus excuse yet!
  184. Why are people so selfish...?
  185. It is 12/28...where is my property tax check?
  186. usps lost 8 items with tracking
  187. Bye to Wags
  188. Why do people flip out when someone points out incorrect usage of coupons?
  189. Super pissed!! No OVERAGE at WM anymore!!!????
  190. Two-faced people
  191. Great article in All You this month
  192. Store not following policy + allegedly copied IPs + closed charity = bad day.
  193. so mad with coke rewards still waiting on free coke q's, I ordered on 12/7
  194. Nasty lady in walmart
  195. Printing disabled from SmartSource.com
  196. Who is fed up with every Kohls coming up with their version of the coupon policy?
  197. Walmart issues ??
  198. facebook was compromised (long post)
  199. UGGGH, No Nivea q's for me....
  200. When am I gonna learn...
  201. paid for Sunday subscription, but no paper
  202. Just done with Walmart
  203. Inconsiderate Money Savers
  204. I love my DH but if he can't remember what a trash can is.......
  205. there's no P&G insert in my paper!!!!
  206. it is worth it?
  207. Has anyone received a refund from 1800 Baskets.com?
  208. Why didn't they just call?!
  209. UGG! Walmart! went 2 walmart bought 3 items
  210. I just dug in 3 full trash bins outside at 2:50 AM...
  211. Please read/help!! About trades!!
  212. Dollar General...Ugh!
  213. So Annoyed at Walmart about Magazine Coupon!
  214. Anyone tried to return a Meijer brand item and been given a hassle?
  215. Target Toy not so "cheap" after all...
  216. Buying a house is not for the faint of heart
  217. Just don't get it. Maybe my boss doesn't like me?
  218. Misuse of coupons??!!
  219. Expired coupons
  220. I am going to scream.
  221. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH not my coupons!!!!!!!
  222. Glass in food - what would you do?
  223. No bar codes on some coupons
  224. Argument over papers REALLY!!!
  225. Worried about the success of my food drive because..
  226. rude people!!
  227. What the heck memphis?!?
  228. Ughh
  229. People... really, try reading before you ask!
  230. shelve clear
  231. I love her but geeze!
  232. Reason #7,765 as to why I avoid Wal-Mart!
  233. This is why men shouldn't go shopping
  234. Bad Couponing: 9 Tips to Avoid It
  235. If I see it one more time....
  236. I'm done with Walmart.
  237. Terrible cashier,,,,what would you do
  238. Husband thinks I'm oversensitive?!
  239. $19 dollars for 20 coupons?!?!
  240. Do you have any cashiers that you absolutelycant stand?
  241. How do you interpret the Nabisco $3/3 Q?
  242. Dear Silly DH!
  243. Worst trip ever.
  244. Received wrong coupons AGAIN
  245. Excusing misuse of coupons
  246. Houston Chronicle $2.50?
  247. Would like your opinion.
  248. Left WAGs Empty Handed
  249. Outrageous price on Perdue Breast
  250. Someone used my email address & name with the ATG !