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RE: Why wouldn't she take my RR?

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Originally Posted by mrsb28wolf View Post
As long as you had more items than coupons, she could have taken it (i.e. 5 items, 4 coupons) because the RR rings like a coupon and you cant have more coupons than items at Walgreens.

I also believe the total would have had to be $10 before tax, so you might have needed a small filler and it should have been fine.

RRs do not need to be taken off first - she did not know what she was talking about.

Did the cashier say this or the manager? That seems very unprofessional for employees to be talking that way. They should have been helpful and explained it to you.
Well, A few of the above might apply.
15 items and used 20 coupons. I guess she wasn't supposed to do that at all, huh?
$7.56 was my subtoal
And it was a manager. She was called by the cashier when the cashier refused to ring me up because "she didn't feel comfortable"