Thread: Is my cat sick?
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Is my cat sick?

Hi guys, my cat just gave birth 3-4 months ago, and since then she only went out once or twice and it was only for 5 minutes and i was there, watching her just sniffing the grass, dirt and walls. it was mostly because i just moved and she was getting used to the new place. And now her tummy's big and she has mood swings as if she's pregnant. Her tits are still swollen as well but i don't know if it's because of the last pregnancy or not. I would be RELIEVED if she is really pregnant. I just don't know when she gets with a male since i don't think there are any chances of that happening. I'm really worried if she's sick. Are there any cat illness where the tummy gets big? Or am i just worried about nothing?
I hope there are some knowledgeable people that can help me here.
Thanks in advance

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