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I have 2 mini poodles, my boy is 13 and half and my girl is 6 and a half. when my girl had a raging bladder problem she was sissing in the house. She had blood even in the pee on my carpet. I freaked. My boy would explode before ever soiling in the house. he is fixed. however I had a poodle before them that peed all over my home out of spite even if he just had relieved outside if I left him upstairs to go downstairs to eat with my mom, we had mother daughter set up, he would soil all over upstairs. he would siss on a lot of my furniture. he got even with me! I think your guy is 'pissed' off with you, especially when you say he stays in your lap. He is too dependent on you. you have to wean him from you a bit for his own good. better to do it now than when there is an emergency like one of you is sick and have to be apart. good luck, just be firm. try giving him a special treat or toy when you leave. I always give my kids each a biscuit when I come or go.
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