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Splitting XL Flea medication Viles for Small Dogs

Ok, so I have come to realize that you can split certain flea medications for larger dogs into smaller doses for smaller dogs. Stop reading now if you think I'm crazy LOL.

I use pet armor Pro Advanced, and even though it's $10 a month, that's still a good little chunk of change. My dog falls into the 11-22lb, with 1 ML of medication in the box(3 months) and the same % dosages of active ingredients as larger dog sizes - the only difference is the larger dog dose is 6 ML per box(3 treatments per box), so it's the same drug strength - just more of it.

Since I am a Respiratory therapist and know how liquid dosing and medications work - especially for liquid forms of medications. I have often wondered if I could split these drugs up.

One day I found a listing on Ebay for the medication I use on my dog and found instructions for doing so.

you need a few things: 2 syringes (with or without needle, Needle is good to stick the packaging directly to draw the med up), your flea medication, proper drug dosage calculated for your dogs weight and some alcohol swabs to clean surfaces. Use one syringe for storage, the other for application, and clean the opening of the syringe before and after use with alcohol. You could do out a fancy drug formula for your dogs weight OR you can look at the package dosage specifically for your dogs weight and see what the dosage is - which I find much easier.

Since the large dogs dosage is 6x the size of the smaller dog's dosage, you would get 18 treatments for the price of 3! With my 1 box on sale for $15, it's under $1 a month!

Just a thought, maybe I'm going a bit too far. I would definitely bring this up with your vet, especially if you use a expensive topical flea treatment.

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