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RE: Any ideas for making more money?

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Mickie333-Your idea about the pooper scooper is great! My cousin actually runs a dog sitting buisness. She charges extra for grooming, bathing & clipping nails. She charges $5 for everything...example $5 hour dogsitting, $5 for bathing and clipping. She even paints dog nails for $5. By the end of the day She can make up to $250 just on 4 or 5 dogs and I've seen her bring home that much everyday for 5 days. People love her because she is wonderful with animals.
I think everybody's circumstances are different. Such as, I live in the middle of no where 30-40 miles from the nearest town and Wal-Mart. My best friend lives 2 blocks away from her local grocer. My expenses are higher than hers because she saves by walking and I spend $3.25 per gallon on gas. I hope you put you trust in the Lord. Faith Moves Mountains!
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