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Helping an old cat get comfortable

My Mom's friend had to get rid of her 13 year old cat because her boyfriend was moving in and he's very allergic to cats. So she asked if we wanted her. Of course I said yes, she's a very sweet cat. Well the cat isn't used to small children and it being loud. Also, I would think being with the same family for 13 years and in the same house that long as well, it would make her a little sad.

She stays hidden all day and only comes out at night once everyone is in bed. She'll get in bed with me as soon as I lay down and that's when I get to spend time with her.

I guess I just want to know if she'll get comfortable and get used to having kids around or if she'll just stay like this? How long will it take?

I can call her out and she'll come out, but when my 3 year old comes around she is outta here....
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