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Absolutely assign your child chores! I now have four teenagers and they have been doing chores since they were about 2. Besides the obvious of picking up toys, I starting with emptying the bathroom trash cans. Boy, I could go on forever about this topic so I apologize if I ramble...
Even if they do not do the chore as you would, it is critical for them to learn how. You could just make it a game to "I Spy" as many things that they might have missed...or whatever. My kids are all responsible for their rooms, laundry, dishes one night a week and just general maintanence. I am a huge Super Nanny fan, and I've always agreed with her...absolutely no allowance. However, I've sort of given my kids the option to get $xxx amount a week, or what I've always done, which is buy their school clothes, movie tickets, random excursions, etc. Obviously, they are okay without an allowance! They've even figured out they come out way ahead! I am confident that if my husband and I fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, our kids would be completely self sufficient. They can all cook, clean, sew, can, etc. I truly don't mean to pat myself on the back, but they are wonderful children that respect others and themselves. My biggest issue is making sure they pick up their rooms...I'll take it! can make excellent couponing buddies and helpers! My youngest told me about at year ago that when she went to college, she was going to need her own dorm room so she would have plenty of space for her stockpile!
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