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His year, my little girl is turning 5 and she wants a Tangled party. I love to throw a party (my hubby says i do too much, ) but if it makes the person happy, I'm all for it. Anyway, I'm not working right now so I'm trying to throw the kiddo a great party without spending too much. does anyone have suggestions for cheap Tangled or princess items you've seen while out and about?

Here are a few of my frugal finds so far:
6- Luigi's Italian Ices (4pk.) spent $3 after coupons (thinking of using them instead of ice cream)
6- bags of Super Pretzel Pretzel Bites spent $3 after coupons (I'm planning to serve them with nacho cheese)

I'm also planning to do pizza rolls (with pillsbury pizza dough, cheese and pepperoni), pasta and marinara sauce with meatballs and a fruit tray and jello for the kids. I already bought the pepperonis from Dollar Tree so now I need cheap pasta and sauce.

Dollar Tree also has some Rapunzel/princess favors like mini paddleballs, puzzles, spinning tops and prisms. I got stickers cheap on eBay and I'm getting fruit snacks from Walmart.

Any other ideas you guys have would be appreciated. Thanks!

I found tiaras at Dollar General that I thought were 90% off but they were only 25% off.

I also need a cheap roll of yellow tablecloth.

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