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RE: Last day of 5th Grade ideas please!!

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Originally Posted by mommyoftwins05
Hi all,

This is last minute! My son's last day of 5th grade is tomorrow I found out they are doing a "clap out" tomorrow. That is where the parents clap as they are leaving the school for the last time! But one huge problem... I have no car (car has been broken since Jan 2012) So I'm very sad I can't be there!!

But anyways I have a few questions.. Am I dumb for taking a picture of him getting off the bus for the last time (well the last time in elementary)... honestly?

Also, I wanna do something special for him tomorrow. I don't have any cash.. but I was going to use my bridge card.. I was hoping to get him some special candy ect treats just for him... or maybe if they had something food type with a graduation hat or something on it.. they didn't have a graduation but to me he is graduating from elementary/5th grade...

I'm limited on stores... (My fiancee doesn't get home till Thurs night or friday) so in walking distance I have Family Dollar and CVS...
Taking a picture of him getting off the bus is NOT a dumb idea at all! It's great that you are saving all these milestones.

I know you don't have much cash but maybe you can make his favorite cake and decorate it?Maybe a toy he has been eyeing?

You are a great mom!!
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