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Originally Posted by Jakejake
Plant swaps are good because you don't have to give any money to a third party.

Register your organization for the endorse phone app program, people can get cash back from their purchases and separately donate the points to a nonprofit. I like that because people pocket the profits while donating to you, instead of it costing them to donate.

Have the kids design christmas cards (think of a way to expand the holiday to seasons greetings or new years if it's a nonreligious public school), then use an online site to print/sell the cards to your families. A lot of parents will pay a couple bucks extra to send out cards with their kids' art, especially if you make it easy for them.

If you guys have performances by the kids in the evening, add a coffee/hot chocolate bar to sell beverages.
The homemade christmas card idea is a great idea! I would love to use them for family and close friends :-)
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