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Originally Posted by cyndibru
IMO, the best fund raisers my childrens' schools ever did was the grocery cards and gift cards programs. Locally, both Krogers and Remke Markets had a program where you register your cards for your organization (most schools are on it) and the school automatically gets a percentage. Let's face it, everyone grocery shops. If you have something similar in your area, you get the parents to sign up with their cards (that they probably already have), and then you ask them to recruit a couple of relatives like grandparents to sign up also. Benefit: doesn't cost anyone anything they aren't already spending!

Then, there are the gift card programs, where you sell gift cards to various merchants and your school earns a percentage (varies by merchant) from the gift cards sold. My schools had this available all year round where you could order monthly. Most people have no problem finding something on the list that they do monthly, whether it's to a grocery store, a restaurant, etc. With good planning, you can prepay a lot of activities or can purchase gift cards for things you know you will be spending anyway like CVS, grocery, clothing, etc......and the school can make a big push around the holidays. I had my mother-in-law, my aunt, my dad, and us all buying our Christmas gift cards thru them, to the tune of over $1000.

I much prefer programs like this that actually don't cost you any more money (just a bit in time to organize your purchases and keep track) than having to buy junky stuff from fundraisers.
I love the idea of linking say your Kroger card to help out your school. Mine would sure benefit!!! Thanks for the great idea :-)
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