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RE: Oh, K-Mart. Why do you hate me?

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I really do like k-mart. They really could use this opportunity to capture a market here with the coupon deals, but sheesh, their customer service just ruins the whole thing. Every week I make my runs to get my deals. CVS, Walgreen's, Dillon's, I don't do too much walmart. They're kinda scary to me. Ever since the guy threw my coupons back at me, I kind of avoid walmart. And my target, I'm not quick enough. I never get deals there. Their shelves are always cleared. But k-mart is like I pray every week, please, k-mart, please, just let me get my deal. I have to make sure I have my coffee before I do k-mart. I just don't understand why k-mart wouldn't take this opportunity and be competitional with the other stores so they could not be going into bankruptcy every few years and shutting stores down. It's a sad waste of opportunity for them. But, with everybody on this board, I have 5 people to feed so I will continue to just deal with k-marts shenanigans. They really are good deals. I just hope they can get it together before k-mart is gone.

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