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DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!DebB831 has posted more than 7000 great deals! WHOA!!
Matchups MN Cub Foods Ad Deals 4/29 - 5/5/12

Have most of the items posted. Will update some more mfg's once I have a chance to check them out.

Cub Foods expired coupon policy is now to only accept coupons up to 30 DAYS expired.

Store Coupons included in the ad:
B1G1 Free Signature Boneless, Skinless chicken breasts or Tenders ($5.19/lb)

B1G1 Free Land O’Lakes OJ 128oz jug ($6.09)

3 for $9.97 Coke products 12pk 12oz cans, 6pk 24oz btls, 8pk 12oz btls = .28/can

2 for $5 Lay’s Potato Chips 10-10.5oz (Must Buy 2) - $1/2 from this Sunday’s Pepsi insert x5/16/12

Free 4 dozen bakery dinner rolls WYB sheet cake (price not given on cake, but rolls savings is $11.96)

2 Free King’s Hawaiian Rolls 4ct each WYB 1 Lloyd’s BBQ Meat Tub 18oz ($?) - $1/1 x4/9/12 from 2/12SS

10 for $7 Fuze 16.9oz, Galceau smartwater 1 ltr or Vitaminwater 20oz bottle (Must Buy 10)

Free Nestle Pure Life Water 24pk 16.9oz bottles WYB 3 Special K cereals, bars or crackers @ $2.99 each - $1/3 cereal, $1/2 crackers x6/10/12 from 4/29RP

$6.49 Pepsi Products 12oz can, 24pk case (Limit 2) – use $2/2 from this Sunday’s Pepsi insert = .23/can after coupon WYB 2 cases

10 for $5 Propel Fitness Water 710ml bottles

• .88 each Pepsi product 2 ltr bottles (Limit 2) - $1/2 Pepsi Next from this Sunday’s Pepsi insert x5/16/12, .55/1 Sierra Mist x6/30/12 from 4/22SS or .55/1 Diet Pepsi, x5/31/12 from 3/18SS

2 for $9 Gatorade or G2 Sports Drinks 8pk 20oz bottles = .56/bottle

$5.99 Tropicana Pure Premium OJ 128oz btl (Limit 1)

2 for $4 Quaker Cereal Life 13oz or Cap’n Crunch 11.5-14oz (Must Buy 2)

• 2 for $3 Quaker Baked Breakfast bars 7.4oz or Chewy Granola bars 4.2-6.72oz (Must Buy 2) - .75/2 granola bars from this Sunday’s Pepsi insert x5/16/12

2 for $4 Quaker Soft Oatmeal Cookies 8.8oz (Must Buy 2) - .55/1 x5/5/12 from 3/25RP

Manufacturer Coupon in Ad: none

Other items on sale include:
• Product including: 2 for $5 Fresh Express Salad kits 7.25-13.9oz, $1.48/lb red seedless grapes, $1.19/lb Cali Navel Oranges, $1.29 Celery, .99/lb Jalapeno peppers, .99 each Hass Avocados, .99/lb Roma Tomatoes, .99/lb red, white or sweet Vidalia onions, .99 each mangos, 2 for $3 Fresh Express shreds, $2.99 Wholly Guacamole dip - .50/1 x4/22/12 from 3/25SS or $1.50/1 IP from their FB page

$3.39/lb Cub 93% lean ground beef sold for $10.17 in 3lb cub

2 for $6 Hillshire Farm Smoked links or rope - .55/1 rope x5/15/12 from 3/25RP

$2.99 Hellmann’s Mayo 22-30oz - .25/1 x4/22/12 from 3/25RP

2 for $1 Hunt’s Tomatoe Sauce 8oz can

5 for $1 Maruchan Ramen Noodles 3oz

$1.99 New French Take & Bake Breadsticks 6ct - bakery

$2.99 Old Fashioned Cake Donuts 6ct – bakery

2 for $6 Pepsi products 8pk 7.5oz cans - $2/2 from this Sunday’s Pepsi insert x5/16/12

B1G1 Free Without Coupon: Perdue Simply Smart Breaded Chicken 22-24oz frozen - $1/1 x4/29/12 from 3/4RP

Dollar Sale Items:
• Michelina’s Entrees, select varieties
• Sweet Baby Ray’s Marinade 16oz or BBQ Sauce 18oz
• Fage Greek Yogurt 5.3-6oz
• Sparkling ICE 17oz bottles
• Nestle Fun Size candy bars 6pk

Catalina Deals In Ad

The first is the Buy X, Get Catalina off OYNO deals listed throughout the ad

Tide Stain Release or Detergent $11.99, Buy 1 Get $2 OYNO Cat - $1/1 stain release from 4/29PG insert x5/31/12, .25/1 Detergent from 4/29PG, or .50/1 x4/30/12 from 3/11SS or 4/1PG

Bounty Big Roll PT $6.99, Buy 1 Get $1 OYNO Cat - .25/1 x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Charmin Ultra TP $6.99, Buy 2 Get $2 OYNO Cat - .25/1 x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Pampers Superpack Diapers $25.99, Buy 1 Get $3 OYNO Cat - $1/1 x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Always Infinity Pads or Tampax Pearl 14-20ct, Always, Tampax Radiant pads, pantiliners or tampons 12-64ct $3.99, Buy 2 Get $1 OYNO Cat - .50/1 or $1/1 depending on product x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Crest Toothpaste 4-8oz select OR Oral B Toothbrush 1ct, select 2 for $7, Buy 2 Get $1 OYNO Cat - .25/1 toothpaste x5/31/12 from 4/29PG, Pro-Heatlhy TB .50/1 x4/30/12 from 4/1PG or x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Pringles Super Stack excludes fat free 2 for $3 , Buy 4 Get $1 OYNO Cat - $1/4 x4/30/12 from 3/18RP or x5/31/12 from 4/29RP

Bounce or Gain Dryer Bar 3month OR Downy or Bounce Fabric Softener 41-51oz or 105-120ct sheets $4.99 , Buy 2 Get $2 OYNO Cat - $1/2 Bounce x4/30/12 from 4/1PG or x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid 19-24oz $2.99, Buy 2 Get $1 OYNO Cat - .50/1 x4/30/12 from 4/1PG if “Hand Renewal” is included

IAMS Dog Food 15.5-17..5lb bag $17.99, Buy 1 Get $2 OYNO Cat - $1/1 x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Priolsec OTC 42ct $25.99 , Buy 1 Get $3 OYNO Cat - $2/1 x3/31/12 (have to use ASAP) from 3/4PG or $2/1 x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Olay Body Wash 23.6oz or Bar Soap 6ct $6.29 , Buy 1 Get $1 OYNO Cat - $2/1 x3/31/12 (have to use ASAP) from 3/4PG, $1/1 x4/30/12 4/1PG

Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6oz or Hair Styling products 2 for $7, Buy 2 Get $1 OYNO Cat – B1G1 Free x5/31/12 from 4/29PG

Gillette Disposable Razors 4ct $5 , Buy 1 Get $1 OYNO Cat

Save $5 WYB $20 in participating items insert
As stated in the ad, the Free items do not count towards the total purchased for the $20 total. It also stated that the total needed is calculated after MFG coupons are applied. We have found that this is sometimes not the case, but I always plan that it will be in place. Reminder, only one coupon for $5 OYNO will be issued per transaction.

Front Page:
B2G1 Free Neutrogena Sunblocks 2.5-5oz ($10.99 each), Coppertone Sunblocks 3-8oz ($9.99 each), Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic sunblocks 3-8oz ($8.99 each) $1/1 BB or HT x6/3/12

Page Two:
$17.99 Allegra or Claritin Allergy Relief - Claritin $5/1 x5/13/12, $7/1 x4/22/12, only Allegra I could find was $2/1 x5/5/12 4/1SS or tearpad I had for $2/1 x7/31/12
$9.99 Alaway Eye, Zyrtec Allergy OR Clartin Allergy Relief (smaller sizes than above) - Alaway $4/1 x6/30/12, Zyrtec $4/1 x5/15/12 from 4/15SS
$10.99 Mucinex Max Strength DM OR DayQuil or NyQuil Value Pack - still looking for MFG for these
$5.99 Advil Congestion 10ct OR Sinex Nasel Pump - Advil $2/1 x5/6/12 from 2/19RP or x6/17/12 from 3/25RP, Sinex $2/1 hurry x3/31/12 from 3/4PG, I also had a $2/1 from inside a package of ??? in my coupons
2 for $5 Alka-Seltzer Plus Allergy 24ct OR NIVEA Lip Care .17-.2oz stick- Alka-Seltzer $2/1 x4/30/12
B1G1 Free Nature's Bounty Vitamins, Nature Made Vitamins or Osteo Bi-Flex - Both Vitamins have had $1/1 both current and expired many which expire either 4/3/12 or 5/1/12, Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 x5/31/12 among others of the same amount, but different expiration date.
$5.49 each Kellogg's Meal Bars or Protein Shakes - I know I saw a coupon for these in the 4/29RP, but forgot to write down the amount, will update tomorrow
$10.99 Centrum Women's or Men's Multi OR Caltrate Supplements or Gummy Bites - Centrum $3/1 either x5/12/12

Page Three:
B2G1 Free Tresemme Shampoo, Conditioner or Hair Styling Products
B2G1 Free Suave Professionals or Mens Shampoo or Conditioner 12.6oz - Prof or Men's MFG Qs .50/2 x4/15/12
B2G1 Free Nivea Hand or Body Lotion - $1/1 x5/13/12
B2G1 Free Organix Shampoo or Conditioner 13oz
B2G1 Free Dial Liquid Hand Soap refill, Body Wash 16-18oz or Bar Soap 8ct
B2G1 Free Cetaphil Facial Skincare Products 4-16oz
B2G1 Free Nivea, Active 3 or Nivea for Men body wash - $2/1 men $2/1 women x4/29/12 form 4/15RP
B2G1 Free Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel 7-8.4oz - .55/1 both coupons x5/6/12 from 3/25SS
B2G1 Free got2b Hair Styling Products 2-12oz - I have seen that other areas have received $3/1 in their inserts for this product, so if you trade with others, you might have something to match.
B2G1 Free Pert Plus Shampoo or Conditioner 13.5oz - $1.50/2 x5/13/12 from 4/15SS
B2G1 Free Softsoap Body Wash or Bar Soap 4ct
B2G1 Free Stayfree, Carefree or o.b. 14-60ct - Stayfree $2/2 x4/30/12, Carefree $1/1 x4/30/12, o.b. .75/1 x4/30/12 all from 3/18SS
B2G1 Free Jergens Natural Glow Lotion 2-7.5oz - $3/2 x4/21/12 or if & Protect is included $2/1 x5/12/12 from 4/22SS

Back Page:
30% off L'Oreal - $1/1 x5/20 or 6/10 or $2/1 Paris x4/15/12
2 for $6 Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrush - Total $1/1 x5/5/12, Kids .50/1 x4/14/12, Toothbrush kids .50/1 x4/14/12
2 for $12 L'Oreal Excellence or Root Rescue Hair Color $4/2 x5/20/12 or $1/1 5/20/12, Expertise Hair Care $1/1 x5/6/12 or 6/10/12
33% off Conair or Scunci Hair Accessories or Brushes
$4.99 Clean & Clear Facial Care Products or Body Wash - $1/1 Facial Care x4/30/12
2 for $10 Aveeno Hair Care Shampoo or Conditioner or Hair Styling Products - $2/1 Hair Care x5/30/12
2 for $8 Axe Shower Gel 12oz, Tool ct OR Caress Body Wash 18oz OR Dove Body Wash - $1/1 Axe x4/22/12 or expired MFG IP I believe I printed from Target's website a while ago, $1/1 Dove x4/22/12 from 3/25RP
$5.99 each Listerine Mouthwash or Rembrant Toothpaste - Listerine .50/1 x5/31/12, Total Care $1/1 x7/2/12, Zero $3/2 IP from Target website
2 for $4 Reach Access Flosser Kit or Toothbrush - Toothbrush $1/1 x5/31/12 or $2/2 IP from x4/5/12

PS - My head cold has me a little "off" so if there is a typo, please let me know. I have caught a few already, but I am sure there could be more.
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