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RE: EVIC specials 4/27-5/1

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Originally Posted by ltalmadge77 View Post
26 oz Fresh Foods Market Pizza $3.97. Limit 2
I got this one too and am wondering - is the only qualifying pizza the 5-cheese one, or do y'all think that ANY of their Fresh Foods Market pizzas might work? The reason I wonder if it might be only the 5-cheese is that that's the only one that shows up as 26 oz on Express Lane. If anyone tries it out with a non-5-cheese pizza, please report back whether it worked for you - thanks!

(If it does indeed work on the other pizzas, this would be a GREAT price, since most of the pizzas are regularly $9.99 - although even the 5-cheese is regularly $7.99, it's just that DBF and I are carnivores and would much prefer a meaty pizza. :P)
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