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Originally Posted by 400000coupons View Post
Here's my experience today:

Store 1: I bought 1 orange variety and 1 HT cotton swabs.

Gud 4.99
- Vic savings 2.50
-Vic savings 1.25
Price you pay 1.24
-1.50/1 MQ fully doubled
- ZVR .50
Total due .24

Store 2: bought 3 Gud, 2 orange, 1 vanilla
Other coupon item to eat overage

Orange both gave me the 2.50 Vic savings, but not the 1.25. Vanilla rang up full price, no Vic savings at all.

Coupons still fully doubled.

I returned the full price bottle.

Used the same card, so I don't know why the difference.
I had a similar experience, the first store I went to

Gud 4.99
- Vic savings 2.50
-Vic savings 1.25
- ZVR .50

bought 4 at the second store, it rang up as bogo 50% off (like it was advertised last week). So I returned 2, and she gave me back $10 which makes the other 2 $2.50 each. I'm scared to try it again....anyone knows what's the deal?

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