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RE: I love cvs 100 times more right now

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Originally Posted by crazindy
I used 2 shop only walgreen and wally.but know im a cvs lover..i have 3 cvs and so far they have never let me down..reason i never shop at walgreen 1staff extremely rude..2can never find the deal...(always out of stock).3.u ask a qs and they answer im on break weird but true ohh and 4.dont forgetu buy something w/out coupons theres no limits u buy something w coupons theres always excuses of how do i think im getting all that for free..5.and they always stock u when they see u w a folder..i seen kids w bookbags and is totally fine they see me w a folders and they follow me..6..lines ar always to long....i can keep going bit lets just live it..anyways cvs has alimit but u can always find everything that ur looking for and most important u feel welcome..i prefer going the extra mile than to walgreen that is right in front of my i get my exercise done.
This all makes very good sense. I've had rude cashier before, I just avoid those stores . But your right cvs is always stocked exception to the clearance deals. My couponers in my area are shelf clearers.
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