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I would think that even the high value q's are still making them money, I mean not a lot of it...but no manu would put out a q knowing they are eating money.. it wouldn't be worth it to them. But my commy is passing this months connexion by hand so unless you go first thing in the morning on certain days, you won't get the connexion. I got mine this morning when I went, but they already don't have anymore of the nic. Which is a total bummer, because I am having a seriously hard time right now. I turn into such a mean person when I quit and my kids don't deserve that, and I figured its free to quit right now.. and I promised myself this would be the year. And now its not free cuz I can't seem to get my hands on any nic! Which is not weird, but kinda is...considering its not like someone came in and took all of the q's for it since they are handing it out by hand.... so I guess everyone is either quitting or every time they pass it out, each person is grabbing it to eat some of their cost. Which is fine, just a bummer. I need to be a little braver and go for the deals, but I live 10 mins away from the commy and to go every time they pass it out to grab a q would make it NOT free since I drive a gas guzzler Anywho, it just makes me nervous, I just feel like if I got a lot of overage, something would happen, and someone would say something, rolling eyes, making comments, and then it would take away from the fact I got so much overage in the first it would ruin it for me. I know, I'm a wimp!
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