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RE: new Schick $2 off coupon - new wording

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I was able to use the $2 Schick Q today on the $1.97 pack. I was shocked to find a huge full bin of them! I only had three of the Q's but did purchase the 10 ct plus 2 bonus razor pack that someone else pictured previously. The overage did go towards my other purchases. I even made sure the cashier was aware of the stipulations on the coupons. She took it as they could take them as long as I didn't get money back.

I have not opened my packs yet but it looks like the coupon inside the packaging(for me atleast) states " $3 off schick ST2 OR Slim Twin 12 ct". I did not price out the slim twin packs but I wonder if those packages would still be free or a mm.
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