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RE: new Schick $2 off coupon - new wording

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Originally Posted by banjo&inky
My walmart stopped taking the $2 coupon for the $1.97 packs! In the past I had been able to use them, that is when I could find them in stock, but the last time I was in there the cashier said I couldn't use that coupon on that package. I told her I had done so before and she tried it but the register would not let it go through! UGH!
Oh, well, I guess that whoever hid a bunch of those Schick packs underneath the Bic ones is going to get a surprise when they come back with their coupons and try to buy them!
Lol!!! I love when I find the hidden treasures my fellow couponers hide! I would have stuck a note in there

But, on topic, when 'that show' came along a lot of awesome coupons ended. I don't think overage will end, Walmart is a huge corp. Which has the edge of other stores of giving cash back, and a lot of buying power to the manufacturers putting out these coupons. So, unless it starts hurting Walmart, which is pretty unlikely, I don't think it'll change.
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