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Question new Schick $2 off coupon - new wording

Has anyone seen the new Schick $2 off 1 pack of disposable razors that came out in today's Smart Source?
there's a new little thing on says (no cash back if coupon exceeds retail price) ....i find that interesting.

So does this override store policy? I mean at Walmart (at least for me)....that whole .03 isn't something I'm going to get, it will just go towards tax.
So is this coupon saying that basically it'll have to be scaled down to $1.97 if we use it on the packs we've been using it on?

I wonder if more coupons are going to do this and will eliminate overage for us.

Also....why are they having issues with the overage is what I'm interested in....if everyone's going to be getting comped for the money.... if that makes sense.

We use the coupon - get $1.97 razors for free + .03 overage = $2
Walmart turns in the coupon - they get their $2 + .08 cents handling fee from Schick even if Walmart didn't put that .03 towards our total....wouldn't they still be collecting the entire $2.08 from Schick?

I don't know....I guess that wording just made me start to think about how overage could go away if that catches on with companies.
Makes me bummed to think about that because I use that overage to actually buy food and such I need. :/
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