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RE: Im looking for some couponing friends in Colorado

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Howdy everyone, I'm also in the Littleton area! My folks are in Aurora though, so I'm ALL OVER the Denver-Metro. BEWARE! The Streets at Buckingham shopping center (including the Greatland Target) in Aurora charges a 5% fee to shop at any of their stores! I don't know about you, but as a penny pincher I don't want to pay 5% for ambiance, fair warning, all ye who enter there.

How cool is this, I really started to feel like I was the only couponer in my area, especially since we don't suffer too badly from shelf-clearing from what I've seen.

I've always couponed, but I didn't start 'hoarding' coupons (as my folks call it) until about a month ago so I'm out of luck for the Febreze deal. Bummer.

Thanks for sharing your links to the sites you match with, the one I was using wasn't regional so I had some minor issues. Because of that I've been shopping mostly at Target and Walgreens, but I know there's deals to be had at Safeway and I can't wait to go get my free bleach today!

I'll be at December's couponing 101 class that was listed on the Bargain Blessings site, and what do you know I'm really close by! Hopefully I'll get to meet a couple of you there!
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