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Originally Posted by mommyof1beauty
We dont have any credit - not because we have had bad credit but because we pay for things in cash therefore eliminating the need for it.

I know this is a touchy subject with many in our family, but we paid for our house in cash - we just committed to renting, saved up the $, and now we owe nothing but utilities monthly.

You dont have to have credit - the only time credit is necessary is when you're trying to obtain, and we just feel like it's not necessary to owe money to anyone. But like I said, this is touchy with many folks, most probably dont agree with us because most folks live with credit cards - they assume that the credit card will give them a discount/mileage/rewards - we just have never had to use a credit card for that reason at all.
Thank you. We don't have any credit cards either. Hubby says if we can't pay cash we don't need it. But we have had one income in the last 16 years and really got in a big mess. Dr. bills, car repo'd, bankruptcy, etc... I have a medical problem and raising 4 kids that keeps me from working. Thank goodness I started couponing a year ago. It has helped tremendously. Thanks

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