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RE: Cottonelle TP deal 9/25

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Originally Posted by lamrimeater View Post
i have coupons that say redeem at Family Dollar $1.00 does Walgreens have a problem with using these or will they call them "Store only coupons" CVS gives me a hard time with these even those they usually go through after i complain for a few minutes and show them the difference.
These are working just fine, they are mfg coupons and I just used 4.

I have been purchasing the Zarbee's and the Cottonelle together so I can use the $1 overage towards the Cottonelle.

Zarbee's $5.99
Cottonelle $5.00
- $1 mfg Zarbee's
- $1 mfg Cottonelle
- $1 IVC Cottonelle
Get $6 RR for Zarbee's so the Cottonelle becomes $1.99.
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