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RE: Whatcha Gettin with the Albie Doublers?

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I got doublers from the recycle bin and my store let me use all of them. I saved 93% and had a 5% off coupon from my last time there. I got Hamburger Helper doubled my .75 off 3 coupon and got 10 all for .50, I got 7 Pillsbury Scramblers for .49 each. 13 Pilsbury sweet moments for free. 8 Pizza rolls for free. 10 Betty crocker boxed potatoes for free. 5 Betty crocker cake mix and frostings. 4 boxes of ortega taco shells for .50 each. 4 boxes of trix 2 boxes of cinnamon toast crunch 2 betty crocker treat bars boxes, 5 kikoman soy sauce 2 boxes of nature valley granola bars and had to get my little one a bag of cheetos at the checkout my total was $14.62 and I earned 280 box tops for my kids school!!
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