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Miscellaneous Rules

Guidelines Concerning the Posting of Political Information
With the upcoming presidential election in 2012, we want to take a few minutes to remind everyone of our guidelines concerning the posting of political or information. Obviously, AFC is a coupon/deal focused website, and it is not the place to debate politics. We ask that members do not post threads that are political in nature, and member avatars, signatures, and status lines should not include political references. If you wish to discuss politics, please limit those threads or comments to AFC's Controversy Corner, a private forum for debating and discussing hot button issues. If you wish to learn more about CC, you can find details here.

Thanks for following these guidelines and helping us keep the boards friendly and deal-focused.

Policy Regarding Hot Button Issues & a Tone of Kindness
We have heard many of you express how the recent negativity on the board has been affecting you. To serve the best interest of all our members, we will be addressing these problems and taking a stronger stance in dealing with them.

AFC is a community where people share deals, trade coupons, and talk about their sales. We feel that the community as a whole does not want AFC to be focused on "hot button" topics, including but not limited to, shelf-clearing, taking peelies/tearpads, etc. We realize that many people have strong opinions on these topics, but debating these issues is not the focus of our boards. We want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their deals, and we owe it to our members to take steps to maintain the friendly, welcoming feel that our community has always been based on.

In general, we do not intervene in thoughtful disagreements and we know all members need to vent at times; however it is clear that certain topics and behaviors are becoming a pattern. Therefore, discussions meant to disrupt or shock will no longer be tolerated. We will be issuing rule reminders and removing these posts as needed. If members continue to act in a disruptive manner, further action will be taken, which may include banning from the site.

Thank you for helping us maintain a friendly atmosphere where all members can share their deals. If you see posts of this nature, please click on the "Report" button in the bottom righthand corner of the post in question and alert the team. This will help us address the issues more quickly, and we can all work together to keep AFC a friendly, positive community.

If you have any questions, please post in Contact Us

Member's Contests, Swaps, And Drawings Rules
The Member's Contests, Swaps, and Drawings sub-forum is open for all members to use.

Please note this important change:
In order to host a contest, drawing, or swap, you must first post in Contact Us to ask permission from the team. No one but team members can start a new thread in this forum. Please post all of the details as you wish them to appear in your thread when you post in Contact Us. The team will then review your thread, ask you to make revisions if necessary, and then move it to this forum for you.

A few guidelines to keep in mind if you wish to host a contest, drawing, or swap:
1. As stated above, if you want to sponsor a contest, swap or drawing, please post in Contact Us for permission from the mod/admin team first. Please note that members who wish to host a swap, contest, or drawing, cannot have more than one negative feedback.

2. Please refer to general trading rules when posting your contest, swap, or drawing. If something is not legal, ethical, or may be offensive to someone, it will not be approved.

3. If your thread is approved, please be prepared to follow through. This is a general courtesy to all members, and we want everyone to feel comfortable using this sub-forum and participating in any contests or swaps.

4. If you want to host a swap or exchange, please make sure that you include all details in your post. This includes the theme of the swap, rules relating to what can be included, and specific dates for sending packages. If you host a swap and a member does not fulfill his or her obligations, we recommend that the member that did not receive their end leave negative feedback. Furthermore, if you host a swap and someone does not send as agreed upon, you may use your discretion in deciding whether that member may participate in any future exchanges hosted by you.

5. The admin/mod team will approve all threads before moving them to this forum, but we are not responsible for keeping up with drawings, contests, or swaps hosted by members. We cannot be liable for anything gone astray.

We hope that many members will use this subforum! Thanks!

Gripes and Groans
This forum is where you can vent about anything (that doesn't conflict with one of our rules ). However, please keep in mind that AFC is a PG website. No curse words or misspelled inappropriate words, will be allowed.

Your posts may be edited and threads may be be moved for review if needed per the AFC Terms Of Service - TOS

If it's a problem with another member, please report the post or use Contact Us for the AFC Team to review the situation.

Playground Guidelines
This forum is for jokes, riddles & having fun.

AFC is a PG rated website. Adult-oriented postings are not allowed.

If you are not sure if something is ok, please post in Contact Us for approval.

Rule Reminders
Rule Reminders are one of the tools that we use to keep our boards organized and to ensure that AFC remains a welcoming and friendly community to all! Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Rule Reminders:

What is a Rule Reminder?
A Rule Reminder is simply a friendly reminder of the rules. It is a notification that your post violated one of the rules found in AFC's Terms of Service. AFC team members issue Rule Reminders, rather than sending a personal message, because it is an efficient means of communicating with members and it helps us as a team to know that the issue has been addressed. It also notifies members that we will be editing, moving, or merging the material in question and the reason for the action taken.

Why are Rule Reminders issued?
Some of the reasons that a Rule Reminder may be issued include:
  • Bumping your FSOT post more than once per day
  • Posting the same information in multipe forums
  • Discussing improper coupon use, such as using a coupon on a product other than what is stated on the coupon
  • Posting competitor site links
  • Violating signature rules
  • Insulting other members
  • Using inappropriate language

What are the consequences of a Rule Reminder?
A Rule Reminder is not meant to be punitive. It is a friendly reminder to review AFC's Terms of Service so that future posts will meet the guidelines of our board. It does not affect your standing as a member. However, repeated rule reminders for the same offense may lead to further action being taken. Five Rule Reminders for the same offense in any period of time will be cause for banning from the site.

What should I do if I receive a Rule Reminder?
If you receive a Rule Reminder, please take a moment and refer to AFC's Terms of Services, so that future posts will meet those rules. If you have questions regarding why the RR was issued, please do not send a pm to the team member who issued the RR. You may post any questions or concerns in the Contact Us forum (which is viewable only by you and the team), and we will be happy to address any concerns. Please note that team members will not respond to private messages sent regarding rule reminders. We ask that you follow the instructions here and post any concerns or questions in Contact Us. Furthermore, please be respectful of the moderator/admin team. We are a team of volunteers, doing our best to keep the boards friendly and organized. Rudeness towards the team in response to a RR will not be tolerated.

Thank you for being mindful of our rules and always helping us make AFC an awesome place to be!

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