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RE: Good dog turned bad??

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Originally Posted by abowers10
First of all I adore my little dachshund. He will be 2 soon and he has been the love of my life. But he is a male and likes to pee everywhere!! Especially on the carpet in the bedroom. Everytime he does it I stick his nose in it and spank him...and he goes to his cage because he knows he is in trouble. Today he did it again, and ran to his cage right after he did it because he knew what he did was wrong. I tried to get him out of his cage to spank him and he started growling and bite my hand to the point of it is bleeding!!! He has never bit a soul in his life and he is the best dog ever but I can not believe he did that!! I dont know if I should continue spanking or what?? I just don't want to be bit again but he needs to know not to pee on the carpet! My dog needs to respect me in my home and he can't do whatever he wants to. But its probably past the point of training since he is almost 2! Any advice would be wonderful. This literally just happened and I'm scared and don't know what to do!
I have had success with a trick that makes you feel really silly, but seems to work. It is also good because you don't have to catch the animal in the act. ....Lower your voice and try to sound as annoyed or angry as possible without shouting. and tell the offending pee/poo off. Point at it, make frowny faces , even smack the ground close to the area. Just as long as the dog is close to see, it usually sneaks off backwards. Do the telling off part for at least a full minute or longer. Then just move away, hopefully your dog follows you. Once e dog is in another room or outside etc you can go back & clean up. Just do not clean in front of the animal.

Same trick can be used to stop most bad behaviours. I probably told every piece of furniture in the house off when we had a chewer. Even worked to stop food stealing off tables etc. I managed to leave a piece of newly cooked chicken on the floor & go into the other room for a few minutes when at e height of training. Now she's spoilt so not sure I'd have much success on that one now, .

Also, have you added anyone to the family, a new visitor or anything that might stress the dog? Or are you just more stressed lately? One dog I had was trained, then started house peeing, turned out it had a urinary tract infection. Antibiotics cleared that & the house peeing up.
I asked about your stress level because we have experienced that too. Hubby landed in the hospital, & ER three times in two months, my little one started guarding her food & snapping at people. We calmed down & so did she. ThEn the illness came back & so did her guarding.

Will say the trick did not work on our sock thief, tried adding bitters, pepper & even curry powder to the socks. Finally found it easier to train hubby to pick up e socks than to stop the dog eating them.

Hope it helps.
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